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Please help: Landclaim offline multiplier not working correctly


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Question for anyone listening. My server is having an issue it seems. I have LCB online protection set at 20 and offline set at 50, however it seems as though someone has to be offline more than 24 rl hours before the offline protection kicks in


GamePref.LandClaimDeadZone = 50

GamePref.LandClaimDecayMode = 0

GamePref.LandClaimExpiryTime = 7

GamePref.LandClaimOfflineDurabilityModifier = 50

GamePref.LandClaimOnlineDurabilityModifier = 20

GamePref.LandClaimSize = 41


I have 20-30 people on the server all the time and it is a very consistent problem, most people who are offline have only 20 durability modifier (as shown through allocs llp command)


Player “XXXXX" owns 1 keystones (protected: True, current hardness multiplier: 20)

(5324, 27, -7858)


Player "XXXXX)" owns 16 keystones (protected: True, current hardness multiplier: 20) - this is me and I have been offline for 10 rl hours


Player "XXXX" owns 1 keystones (protected: True, current hardness multiplier: 47.14906) - last online 5-Jan-2018 01:15:08

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Well lets see...

Claim Zone and size are irrelevant...


Decay mode:

Claim Decay Mode: Controls how offline players land claims decay. All claims have full protection for the first 24hrs. 0=Linear, 1=Exponetial, 2=Full protection until claim is expired.


Mode - so it's linear so with a expiry time of 7 days that would mean it should decay by 7.142857 per day. This means 'playerxxxx' decay rate is wanky... Or somethings wrong with it... According to your post - when the players last online... It seems like the claim isn't fully protected during the first 24 hours as stated by Wiki but is in fact decaying from the moment the player logs out and is decaying at a different rate than specified. Unless someone's gone in and whacked at his LCB... Albeit I've never done much with LCB's I would suspect that any damage to one would be in hole numbers... Unless it is displaying it correctly because of the way its decaying and it has been damaged. Or it could be that they cheated? Or maybe a glitch when they put their LCB down?


One way to 'verify' and it's long and tedious is to save the entire server, wipe it and reinstall, then get everyone back online to see if it continues... Could be that there's something wrong with the install/software on it.

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