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[PS4] Input delay/lag still.


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Game Type: Survival

Map Type: Navezgane

Seed/Save Name: Try again

Disk or Digital: Digital


Character: Miguel

Difficulty: Adventurer

Run: Default

Aggression: Normal

Day length: 14

Drop On Death: Everything

Enemy memory: 60

Enemy Spawning: Medium

Block durability: 100

Loot respawn time: 20

Loot abundance: 200

Airdrops: 24

24 hour cycle: 50

In-game Day: day 1




Linking back to my old post for reference but I'd like to reiterate this issue and provide more info.


So, I lost my disc copy of the game and bought the digital copy instead and this same input delay issue occurs on digital.


I noticed in the last thread someone necro posted and Claire brought up that the issue is mitigated while playing split screen, and I can attest to that! The lag/input lag issue definitely gets better when playing split screen. So, why would the game register input instantly on splitscreen but not on single player? Whatever the reason, it still occurs on single player/multiplayer. Just wanted to give a little more info.

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