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Potential bug - Sniper flashlight while looking upward


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Good day,


This has happened many times. I have not been able to properly recreate the bug as I think I am missing something that may trigger it but here it is anyway.


Game Type: Multiplayer

Map Type: Random Gen

Seed/Save Name: Survive and Multi (bug happened on both maps)

Disk or Digital: Disk

DLC: None


Difficulty: Survive (Survivalist) - Multi (Adventurer)

Run: default

Aggression: default

Day length: default

Drop On Death: default

Enemy memory: default

Enemy Spawning: default

Block durability: default

Loot respawn time: default

Loot abundance: default

Airdrops: default

24 hour cycle: default

In-game Day: 30 and over (approximate)


If playing Online Multiplayer, and it is potentially a connection issue, please include:


Are you Host or Client: Host

Upload Speeds (while playing the game): 10 MBPS

Download Speeds (While playing the game): 50-75 MBPS

NAT type: ?

Wired or Wireless connection: Wireless

Internet Service Provider (ISP):Shaw

Router connected to console: No

How many console connected to same router:


Step by Step

- 2 to 4 player in game. I don't recall it happening while playing solo but cannot confirm this.

- Night time seems to be when it happens but I cannot confirm as I didn't pay that much attention until now...

- go deep, 30 to 40 squares down

- Dig trench or pitfall hole, seems to happen when you can point your gun toward towards the sky. No need to actually see the sky

- Look up with your sniper gun. I think it's not 100% straight up but with a slight angle. Sniper is maxed out lvl 600

- Turn on flashlight while pointing upwards and you should crash at that time.


The Bug

- Blue screen

- I experienced that bug at least 10-15 times already, on both seeds but happened more often on the "Multi" seed. (The bug was happening more often when looking up into my 9x9 pit fall hole 35-40 square down.



- I always submit my dump logs. You guys must be knowing me on a first name basis already with the amount of logs sent (just trying to be funny here)



- PSN name Jethrobuzz007


Thank you,



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