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Struggling to learn how to Prefab


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Hi guys,


I am really struggling to learn how to prefab. Ive tried looking on youtube but videos are outdated and the thread at the top of this section says to type ion "loc" and bc-export but i get the error "unknown command".


Is there any good tutorials/videos that show how to prefab on alpha 16?




those are commands from my api mod, but it will only run on a dedicated server (Bad Company)


Video of it in use here:


If you want single player exports you'll have to replace the game dll with the one Hal9000 made and use the bbb commands in chat (check his prefab editor thread for details)

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I can explain what I did if that helps,


I installed SDTD Editor Latest started it up selected my 7 days to die installed folder (after reinstalling a fresh copy) of the game, I then clicked Manual Update which installs the editors DLL into your steams game to enable the BBB code your going to use...


I then download Zombie editor which is a cool 2d style editor that allows you to resize & optimise your map after its saved... IE when you save the game saves from bedrock to sky so lots of blocks that arent needed...


Cant really help you with how the editor works except to say have a go, Top view is the one I use first to remove all the blocks from around the prefab, Side view I then use to remove excess air & dirt blocks leaving the prefab, I always leave 2 layers of AIR above the top most part of the prefab....


BBB code thats needed as in basic is,


bbb rp (sets you as admin)

bbb claim thenameofyourprefab

bbb exportsw thenameofyourprefab


This gives you the files needed for the zombie editor.... from there you place the edited files into the editor inside prefabs folder, you then click empty world & do the following...


bbb rp

bbb ee

then press F1

prefab load thenameofyourprefab

prefab simplify

prefab combine

prefab export


that gives you your .Mesh file to add to the other files...


Theres more tyo this but that is the basics of what i did.... watching Utube vids helps alot & the prefabing tut on the main pag of prefabs is awesome, I think Guppy also has vids which ive watch & helped too....

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