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Server Tools - Gimme.xml Files


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Hey all - I tried posting in another forum area and I think the point was being overlooked. Our server just converted over to War of the Walkers and we are looking for anyone who has been running this along with the Gimme feature or Server Tools activated. As we are as of yet unfamiliar with all the new items in the game, if you have a gimme.xml file you could download and attach here so others can use it as a base template, I know I for one would REALLY be grateful. Please post them here so we can cut and paste to choose some awesome rewards for the players.

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ive put the server tools into the mods folder of my server, (stopped serer 1st)


restarted server


ive typed /commands




shows that ST is running, but i cant find where it generates the xml config files, because, i dont seem to see the save game folder for the map!!


if i click on the worlds folder..nothing in it


any ideas?

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