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My very first prefab - Red Cat Diner


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Hey Guys,


after reading this Forum for a long time and looking at all teh cool prefabs shown here i thought its finally time to start doing this myself. Thanks to all the helpful topics and guids here i got it all setup very fast and started building. Something easy to begin with, just a little Diner. Dont wonder about the name, theres a reason for it.


So here we go, some pictures and i hope for some advise on what i can do better.......

If someone is interested i will put a download link in here later (still have to get into these mesh and sleeper setting things)











And i already have a question someone here might be able to help me with. When i import my prefab ingame it shows kind of a border around it, not really "connecting" to the ground around it. It doesnt bother me when i build my base when i am playing, but for random gen prefabs that kind of sucks. It also does that when it is automatically spawned in a new random gen map.......any idea how to make that look better or is it only working properly with "natural" blocks?


Heres a picture showing what i mean



Thank in advance for any help and comments!


And if you find some mistakes in the text, ignore them, i am not native english speaking

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Nice prefab... post a dl/link so we can grab it as its a lot easier to help you if we can 'wander around' inside of it.


As for your ?? about the terrain not joining the block. That is just the way that earth based 'terrain' acts when beside a 'block'... its not a glitch.

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You can avoid your terrain-block problem quite easily by covering the gap with 3m arch tips. If you want to do it perfectly you could add a second row of arch tips on the inside pointing the other way, so you dont get a tiny step.


*Here: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/854983602724571713/90D4567090CA602071B50501462D61AFD5E681C8/


Screenshot from my last prefab, in the bottom left corner (and on the right side) you can see how I used two lines of 3m arch tips to cover the gap between gravel and flagstone (arch tips can be painted).

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@ bigstep


thx, i'll be adding a Dl link later.


@ Horst and Guppy


Perfect, i knew there would be someone around here with a solution. Just didnt expect it so fast :-)


One just has to love this games community !

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Added a downloadlink to the opening post


As is said its still without a mesh and also no sleepers set yet, still getting into this (how many sleepers, how to set up sleeper volumes etc)


Using pilles editor it allows you to randomly place sleepers. Look up top in one of the tabs next to file and it should have a list of 3 things - sleeper generator, electricity and one other. Tick sleeper generator and a extra tab will be placed in with the rest of the tabs such as xml. Sleeper volumes etc.


Click on the newly shown tab and hit the generate sleepers and it will randomly place sleepers for you. Then hit generate sleeper volumes and it will do the volumes for you. (There is also a non active and active section. You select the group/groups you want in the random sleeper spawn - warning may may not work I am unsure of the active and inactive boxes )


However of your after a more set placement of sleepers then manually adding them then doing the sleeper volumes you will have to do. But there is a video on first post by slaan which explains the steps for this.

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