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Visible wires on custom block / custom electric wire.


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Using the WireOffset property I'm able to show inbound wires to a custom powered block. e.g. Generator -> Custom Block, wire is visible.


No outbound wires are visible, however. Custom Block -> Light, no wire is visible. Power is transmitted to the custom block and to the light.


Specifically I'm trying to make a custom block act as an electric fence post, class 'ElectricWire'. Both blocks show as being powered, but there's no visible wire, and no effect applied if you pass between them. I'm using the fence post block as a template with shape and model changed, and wireoffset added.


It looks like this might be triggered by the property WZZ? But if so, I'm not sure how to format the XML to make a vector3i list, as opposed to just the vector3 "0,0,0" used for WireOffset.


Any guidance greatly appreciated.

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I am also having this issue. I am trying to mod the pole_top01


<block id="2042" name="poleTopRelay">

<property name="Class" value="ElectricWire"/>

<property name="Material" value="metal"/>

<property name="StabilitySupport" value="false"/>

<property name="Shape" value="Ext3dModel"/>

<property name="Texture" value="293"/>

<property name="Mesh" value="models"/>

<property name="Model" value="Industrial/pole_top01" param1="main_mesh"/>

<property name="HandleFace" value="Bottom"/>

<property name="CustomIcon" value="pole_top01"/>

<property name="ModelOffset" value="0,0.5,0"/>

<property name="ImposterDontBlock" value="true"/>

<property name="RequiredPower" value="1"/>

<property name="Group" value="Science"/>

<property class="RepairItems">

<property name="forgedIron" value="1"/>


<!-- property name="IsTerrainDecoration" value="true"/ -->

<drop event="Harvest" name="forgedIron" count="1,4"/>

<drop event="Harvest" name="forgedSteel" count="0,3"/>

<drop event="Harvest" name="mechanicalParts" count="2,6" tool_category="Disassemble"/>

<drop event="Destroy" name="scrapIron" count="1,15"/>

<drop event="Fall" name="scrapMetalPile" count="1" prob="0.75" stick_chance="1"/>

<property name="EconomicValue" value="48"/>



What am I missing to show the wire?

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