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Simple PermaDeath ApiMod (Dedicated Server)

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Saw some threads scattered over the forums about playing permadeath / dead is dead.


This simple apimod will wipe your character if you are on the permadeath list and die. No more no less. :)


Just put the PermaDeath folder from the zipfile in the Mods folder of your dedicated server.


There will be an default xml present as example in your Saves\PermaDeath folder. Just add the steamid's and names for players that want to play permadeath and its active immediately (no server restart required).


For convenience there is a consolecommand for listing permadeath players. Just use listpd in console.


A17.2 b27





DISCLAIMER: This mod will erase a players .ttp .map and .bak file when playing permadeath! If you want to be able to make a permadeath undone, make backups! This mod is ruthless and the files will be gone forever. Does give sweaty handpalms this way ;)

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a17.2 b27 version (see edit history)
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How cool! Thank you :-)


EDIT: I am running a Linux server. Not knowing much about it, will this work there or is this Windows only?


It will run on all 7dtd supported OS's. Linux, Windows and Mac.



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Question about your mod, is there one more up to date or is this the current version?


We started using this on our server and we had an issue with it streaming last week. So, with that in mind here is a link to when a death was captured on stream : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/416841746?t=00h31m12s


Now, we started to have issues where she kept hanging on loading the server, dying over and over, and not completely having her profile reset which lasted about 15 minutes. Is there a reason this might occur?


My first assumption would be file permissions and failing to delete all related files, (which nay be a hosting issue), but I wanted to see if there was something you could suggest?



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