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Ravenhearst Mod


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Patch 6.2.5 Released No Wipes or Save Breaks


With this patch, we do not see any further patching being done to 6.2. Our team is now fully working on 6.3 and moving forward any bug reports etc will be forwarded to that version.




We are still looking into the skill reset bug. What we know so far is that it does not affect Single Player, is server/MP issue and that it MAY involved Server Tools or CSMM but we can NOT verify this just yet. Work is ongoing into looking at this bug. It is not affecting all servers so reproing it is quite difficult.




On to the notes


-Addition: Action Magazines can now be crafted in the research desk

-Addition: Added sinders fixed POI 
PublicPool no longer makes your britches sandy when you go for a swim
Izea all kinds of changes, store shelve smashed, things rearranged and more. trimmed poi for smaller footprint to help spawning
Desert Oasis Casino changed forest ground to terrain fill.
Indoor Swim removed some number of radiators. brr.

-Balance: Reduced stack sizes on nails, screws and bolts
-Balance: Numerous loot adjustments in car boxes, garage loot and cars
-Balance: Lowered price on bundles of screws, nails and bolts
-Balance: Increased stack size of twine
-Balance: Removed Armor Parts from Stiffs boxes
-Balance: Reduced prob on Backpacks in washing machines
-Balance: Increased Stack Size of Bundles of screws and nails to 25
-Balance: Added Tarps to Trash Compactors and Auto Loot
-Balance: Reduced amount of repair kits in loot

-Change: Junk Turret now takes nails to craft ammo
-Change: Slot chips should now be quicker to craft

-Fix: All arrows should now use sticks
-Fix: Sorting fix by Wookie for losing an item in bag when full
-Fix: Placing box for signs reduced
-Fix: Auger and Chainsaw should no longer reduce xp gain
-Fix: Grasscutter now shows quality

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some action skills are sometimes reset to zero on our server, I have 2 times blunt weapons dropped from 50 to 1 [ATTACH=CONFIG]31092[/ATTACH]


Known bug, is being looked at with highest priority


have you removed your own title music on this a18 version? it was great.


TFP changed some things, we'll get it back at some point

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I've played most of the mods for 7d2d over the years and this one has always been my favorite. What I appreciate is that it is more difficult and challenging. I've seen some people say it's to hard and I hope it's not made easier. I think it already has been a bit by the way building and upgrading is done, though I appreciate that part cuz I hated it before.


I will say I've had to restart multiple times because if I touch the zombie spawn amount then they just stop spawning at all, and I start getting errors about them not existing and it saying stuff like 0 of 300 potential zombies in world.

I guess i should also add it did to this to me on my existing game also without me touching any settings. Just seems to be a random thing it likes to do to me, however for some reason it fixed itself and the zombies came back after i turned off my steam account and logged back into steam and the game.


Of course my archery set back to 0 but it was under 10 to begin with and I know your aware of that.

I have never posted before, just wanted to stop and I love ravenhearst.

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Hello, I've been waiting this mod for a long time since the first of A18.

wanna make a new server with this mod but cuz of the reset issue.. would that be fine if I delete all mod files that you mentioned like spherii ones? The most important thing for me is the safety.

thank you

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Truly amazing It makes the vanilla look like a sloppy mod, how ever; i did find a couple a bugs one big bug, like a tarantula in your bed, I found the Farm Table schematic, early in the game but I also put 2 points in living of the land and it still would not let me build the Farm table, I eventually got it using cheat mode. Once I had it I built 2 farm plots and placed them side by side, but every time I planted the second plant the 1st plant would vanish. I eventually over came this by building them in chess board formation. Once they where up and running I could fill in the gaps and they seemed to work. (I don't like the the water mechanism, make a watering can or irrigation system.) P.S I am still having plants die even though it is well watered, its like cancer one dies one lives even though they are next to each other.


Another bug is both me and Zombies being pushed through walls, I have had Zombies come in to a closed room a few times.


Not bad for such a big, no massive mod, that runs better then vanilla which hammers my GPU since the very poor 18.2 downgrade.


One thing I do not like which is from 18.2 is that when you are in a Building every Zombie for 200M comes smashing into the building, it really spoils the quests especially when you are doing the big high level ones.


Not being able to adjust the Gamma is a problem for me I can understand why you did it but, there's a reason for it being there, not all machines are the same. It would be good it you gave us a little more leeway on it and restrict it to 50 to 80 because on fright night Its black total black.

THANKS to you all great job..

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Sorry Google translator

Do you yourself play your mod?

Removed quests, crafted skill books!

AND...? Each book costs 30 and 25 for crafting!

These are 30 books, taken apart! !! This is not counting those that need to be read and not taken apart! Yes, I have only one library on Katya. (on the map generated for your mod, the situation is different, but I remember it by heart.)

And that 200 to 500! LET'S DO! This is "realism"

Weapon degeneration- there were 20 shot weapons and ... ♥♥♥♥!

I shot my army AK-47 for 4 years! And he was like new! -Realism! Children! :))

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Ravenhearst Mod the search for nitrate


I have been playing this amazing mod Pimps pay attention this is what your game should be, well some of it.


Anyone who plays this mod have they found a source of nitrate other then corpses?


I have travelled the 4 environments and found no visible signs of nitrate, and loot and corpse don't give much.

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Can someone tell me how to adjust action skill? I know it's all intended thou I wanna make it slightly easier. Once I tried gain more exp than what it supposed to be but it made game toooo easy.. So someone who knows how to change things related action skill, teach me plz!

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Can anyone help me on this,I'm having very hard time with leveling up,I'm currently on day 85,lvl 63 and gamestage 315 at insane difficulty,also having 5k+ zombie kills,and 2 deaths.Problem is this that game take my already earned xp,when I do mining,I remember that at first days when I used to do mining,I was getting xp.Is this intended or my savegame just went bad.

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Thanks I had looked for them in the snow but found non but I had a another search and found one well hidden. Now I know they are are there it makes searching easier I know I am not riding around pointlessly.


|Now I am looking for copper I found Zinc in the destroyed biome by chance digging a hole for a base.

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hah this is true. it's the only mod i've played where i've been pushed around so much, or more literally right off buildings


It actually saved my life more then it has risked it, I have had some gang of super raged zombies shove me through a wall while they are stuck inside.

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Loving the mod so far. Big change. (some frustrating too lol).


I've had 4 players on the server so far.. We've seen the following bugs:


1. Action skill reset for a specific skill. No noticeable reason. Mid game, no log out/in. Just one person suddenly had their 16/100 Archery drop back to 0. Resolved by spawning in the little '2 point increase' magazines to have him get back. Has happened a few times now to different people (not just archery, different skills it seems).


2. Crafting for known recipe not able to be done. I learnt Iron spear crafting, shows as unlocked. Made one spear once, went to make another, now I cannot craft them. Other team member can make them fine.


3. Mod slots really buggy on items. Most items that should have mod slots for level do not have them. Seems really random.


4. Combining weapons resulting in infinite durability weapon. I was trying to combine two low level handguns.. to get a higher durability single gun. (lvl 8 and 6 I think?). Combine resulted in a gun with 0 durability. No quality shown. But useable. No loss of durability with use.


There's been a few others, but that is the main ones that stick out.

The action skill resetting is the big one at the moment though. With how much work goes in to levelling those things.



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Hi, loving the mod thus far. I have a question about farming, part of the quest chain says I need to have a bucket of water. That is fine and dandy but it doesn't tell me what to do with said bucket. It just says to place the farm plot and plant a seed. No mention of water at all. Am I missing something?

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Hi, loving the mod thus far. I have a question about farming, part of the quest chain says I need to have a bucket of water. That is fine and dandy but it doesn't tell me what to do with said bucket. It just says to place the farm plot and plant a seed. No mention of water at all. Am I missing something?


You empty the bucket of water on the farm plot, water the crops if you don't the seed will vanish before it grows to stage 2 . Its not very good my farm is very buggy not Aphids either but plants vanishing, not being able to grow plants next to each other. It also very hard to tell if they are watered or not. It would be good if they had the watering can working not a bucket and a colour change for the plot when it is moistened.

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where I can find "loot item only" to do the automotive workbench? this object has no icon.


I found a crow bar in a car at about lvl 58 I have only found 1 so far, in an early game attempt I found one on the first day in the 1st house i looted so it may be RNG.

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