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He planted in ordinary clay, a few days later it grew.


Yup this worked, put down forest ground, did not hoe it, planted some trees with and without water nearby and all of them grew fairly quickly.


I thought since they were growing in the desert and that it will let you plant them in sand, that is where they were supposed to be planted.

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Trello bot has been hacked. It was used to ban over 150 members there. If you know someone who was banned let them know they must rejoin the Discord. The bans have all been revoked but the members were still kicked. We apologize for this inconvenience. We have banned Trello bot and from what we understand this is not an isolated incident but is occurring in every Discord with Trello bot.

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Tried searching and couldn't find specific answer. I'm confused about fossils. The journal talks about getting them during a digging quest (which I haven't seen yet) and I acquired one when breaking the large piles of rocks with a steel pickaxe. I still need 5 for the crafting diary/journal quest, but have not been able to figure out where to get the fossils.

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Hi, everyone!

Ravenhearst 5.4

I gather weapon workbench schematic. Read this. Gather resourсes for craft but can't doing weapon workbench: write #YOU DON"T HAVE THE NECESSARY RESOURCES TO CRAFT THIS# Is it bug ?

And and one more question: where gather compressor for craft auto workbench ?

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Tried searching and couldn't find specific answer. I'm confused about fossils. The journal talks about getting them during a digging quest (which I haven't seen yet) and I acquired one when breaking the large piles of rocks with a steel pickaxe. I still need 5 for the crafting diary/journal quest, but have not been able to figure out where to get the fossils.


Fossils you get random from mining rock. Don't worry about getting them, you'll need another 20 for the next step in the quest ;) (and yes that quest was removed but text not, sorry)


Hi, everyone!

Ravenhearst 5.4

I gather weapon workbench schematic. Read this. Gather resourсes for craft but can't doing weapon workbench: write #YOU DON"T HAVE THE NECESSARY RESOURCES TO CRAFT THIS# Is it bug ?

And and one more question: where gather compressor for craft auto workbench ?

There is a next page on the recipe, on the right you see a small arrow


Compressors are loot, try looting garages and gas stations

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I still can't get the mod to work. In single player it's all okay.. no probs

but if i want to upload the server files to our server... it's not responding...


after downloading the server files (Ravenhearst 5.5.1 for 17.4 Server Files) I get 4 files

(3 Maps (mods, data and 7daystodie_data) + readme file.

Usually I copy the data/mods files on to the server (with FTP client) and then restart the server.


That works for most mods but not now?

I tried also with the 7daystodiedata files but remains same..


What am i overlooking here?


Ok: after retrying 4 times to reinstall and change the copying speed/method (first mods, then data, then 7daystodie data) the server seems fine... Tho.. if I login to it, I receive the map, i hear birds whisper, i hear "u spawn"... but the screen stays at "starting game"


In console (F1) i see: "Spawned Entity with wrong position" and it says [Entityplayerlocal: Fren, id 171, position 0,0,0]

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Ich habe ein Problem mit der Mod,Die Hنndler Steine gehen nicht mehr.Spieler haben auf meinem Server die Hنndler Gebنude abgebaut.Wie kann ich die Steine wieder aktivieren?


I have a problem with the mod, The Trader stones do not go anymore.Player have dismantled the Traider building on my server.How can I reactivate the stones?

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Hi, I love the mod, but have a few questions about farming. I planted my crops in a circle around a block of water. They grow fine but VERY slowly. BUT when they do grow I only get one crop from them. Is there a way to increase the number of plants from said plots? Also it seems that composting takes an inordinately LONG time.

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There is a skill in the Survivalist line, 2nd from the bottom, that will let you use a scythe and this will get you two from each crop (and 2 from plains grass too.) I skipped the fertilizer and just planted a big farm. Takes a while to roll the crops over into more seeds though to ramp up. Also, I found that the composter has to have line of sight to the sky to work (had to do it for the quest). I'm on 5.4 so I think I can add fertilizer to existing crops, but the 5.5 patch notes mention combining fertilizer with seed and then planting it for double speed growth.


I recommend starting with blueberries and mix in tree seeds for survival mix. Or do a microwave soup like mushroom, tomato, etc. Although I think it takes more ingredients now - used to be just 4 of one crop. Next find those Sham sandwiches (is it potatoes and onions?) and do Sham Chowder - really nice health buff. Or start with corn, then you can do corn bread and Fish tacos with some canned salmon. I eventually just made tons of vegetable soup so I didn't have to bother with meat.

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What is the point of breeding chickens?


Are some or most of the special items like the air compressor or meat cleaver suppose to be found in places they would seemingly be? like Bob's Butcher or a gas station or construction site?


If some of the starting quests/missions get removed can you start over? I.E a person quit the blunt class mission at the police baton stage, how do they resume or start over?




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Patch 5.5.2 Released! Full Wipe Needed Old 5.5.1 Games and Links Have NOT been Touched. You Will NOT be Updated to 5.5.2 Unless you INSTALL 5.5.2 Manually From The Launcher. Updating is Optional But Recommended


MAJOR release for you guys as we head into the countdown to A18. Lots of fixes, additions, new RWG, New custom made Map, complete loot rebalance, building upgrade overhaul. The WORKS.


Addition: Added Cpt Krunchs Custom Made Map Designed Exclusively for Ravenhearst

Addition: ATM Machine to Vending Placeholders

Addition: Added New Vehicle Military Truck

Addition: Added More World Items to Pick Up

Addition: 3 New Storage Boxes

Addition: Added Towels Crunchy Critters Book

Addition: Cardboard Box Storage

Addition: Zinc and Copper Back in Wastelands

Addition: Average Joe Class

Addition: Added Plant Seed Recipe for Trail Mix

Addition: rh5_Resident_Evil_Mansion_(by_Frantic_Dan)

Addition: Added Glass Pillar Torches and Steel Pyramid Torches

Addition: Added Animal Tracking. Huntsman Perk Level 4 unlocks a Animal Scent you can craft. Animals in the wild will glow for short periods of time.

Addition: Added More Sittable Furniture

Addition: Added Scoped Crossbow Repeater

Addition: Added New Posters

Addition: Added Deer Bladder for Hunter Scent Gained From Harvesting Deer

Addition: Added Goat Head and Trophy Gained From Harvesting Goats and Ram

Addition: Added Outhouse

Addition: Added Lion Statue

Addition: Added Classic Gore Blocks to Dead Body Lists

Addition: Dozens of New Lootable Cars and Trucks In Biomes

Addition: New Vehicle Marauder

Addition: The Return of the Log Spike

Addition: Added Guppys Commercial Deco (Not Craftable or Localized)

Addition: Tins Bleed Modlet (Bleeds now last longer but drain slower. Bleeds will Stack if you get hit multiple times. A section on Discord will be devoted to explaining how it works)

Addition: Tins Infection Modlet (Infection is now very deadly. And quick. Antibiotics will now be very important to Survival. A section will be devoted on Discord to explaining ow this works)

Addition: Added Guppys Hospital Deco (No Local or Recipes)



Balance: Reduced AA Batteries in Loot

Balance: Increased Limestone and Rocks Needed in Cement Recipe

Balance: Reduced Seed Drops in Loot

Balance: Reduced Count of Twine in Loot

Balance: Removed 20 Gauge Shells

Balance: Walker Skin Increased in Zombie Loot

Balance: Rebalanced the Spaz 12 to do less damage and decreased fire rate

Balance: Gas Pumps Can Spawn As Broken

Balance: Animal Spawns slightly rebelanced to Allow More Types to Spawn

Balance: Night Walkers Are Now Gamestaged. After Gamestage 25 They Will NO LONGER Despawn in the Morning

Balance: Rebalanced Runners Insoles

Balance: Increased Damage on Compound Bow

Balance: Reload and Handling Perks on Bows Now Max out at 25 percent Instead of 50 percent

Balance: Decreased Damage on Repeater

Balance: Lowered Fire Elf Hand Cooldown and Duration

Balance: Removed Large Backpacks from Loot

Balance: Spread Lessened on Compound Bow, Increased on Crossbows

Balance: 1 Oil Barrel Makes 30 Gas

Balance: 50 Oil Shale Now Makes 25 Gas

Balance: Adjusted Harvest Amounts From Wrenching Bed

Balance: Found Backpacks Now Unlock Incremental Slots. Last 4 Slots of Backpack Always Locked.

Balance: Lowered Count of Gun Parts Found

Balance: Adjusted Multiple Loot Containers

Balance: Increased Damage on Compound Bow



Change: Glue in Chem Station Now Crafts 2

Change: Turned Down Zombie XP

Change: Doors Drop 2 Hinges Now

Change: Lowered XP On Ores and Stone

Change: Schematics now come in Pages. Each schematic page found can be kept until all pages are found. With KP and the Research Desk you will be able to craft the appropriate schematic.

Change: Stainless Steel and Tungsten Steel Now Have Iron In Its Composition

Change: Destroying Sheet Plating Now Gives Back Iron Sheets

Change: Alarm Clock Scrapable

Change: Slightly Reduced Ore and Stone From Mining

Change: Repairing Now Requires Specific Kits. There is a Gun Cleaning Kit, Vehicle Repair Kit, Repair Kit and Advanced Reapir Kit.

Change: Added Wookies Fixes for Air Drops. There will now be less Zombies Spawned but they will be faster and a bit tougher than they were. This should help with servers but if you are not careful you can still spawn them over and over so please advise players to have consideration for others when claiming drops.

Change: Research Desk Now Added to Possible Workbench POI Spawns

Change: Added New Military Crossbow Model

Change: Glue in Campfire Recipe Changed

Change: Removed Particle Boss Zombies. This will imporove performance on BM

Change: Adjusted How Fast Water Drains From Players. It will be a bit slower now on stamina drain but regenerating stamina from too low a point can drain water faster.

Change: Carbon Now Used in Making Stainless Steel

Change: Destroying Sheet Plating Now Gives Back Iron Sheets

Change: Increased Storage Size on Tier 5 Storages to 9,10

Change: Removed Upgrade Kits. Vanilla Building is Back...sort of. You still need to upgrade the whole line. There will be a section devoted to which tools upgrade which blocks, but now only the Hammer, Wrench and Nailgun are needed.

Change: Copper Ore Tinted Red in Wastelands

Change: Removed All Cops for Performance. Even 2 of them could cut frames in half. Tough decision but it was for the greater good of performance.

Change: Moved Journal Chapters to Personal Bench

Change: Secure Chest Will Now Give Back 1 Hinge On Destroy

Change: Reduced Amount of Concrete and Cobblestone From World Pallets

Change: Added Chance of Animal Fat from Dogs

Change: Removed Food Poisoning from Can of Fried Worms

Change: Removed Pipe Weapons and All of its Mods. They were causing fram drops from being held.

Change: Clarified Parkour Descriptions

Change: Metal Door Frame 1 and 2 Moved to Workbench

Change: Archery Now Starts With 50 Arrows

Change: Hunting Knife Tool Head Now Unlocks With Hunting Knife Schematic. Recipe Changed

Change: Upper Tier Vehicles Now Take Reinforced Car Parts

Change: Chickens. All You Need to Know

Change: Gas Adjustments on Vehicles. Gas should consume quicker now.

Change: Removed Moe Puker For Performance

Change: Testosterone Added to Zombie Bears

Change: Rebalanced RWG. Added 4 New Hubs. Reorganized POIs

Change: Added All Sittable Furniture to Oignon Book

Change: Blood Moons should now last longer into the morning at lower stages

Change: Destroyed Auto Benches Now Have A Chance to Loot Car Parts

Change: Shaved Some Percentages on Stamina Loss From Mining and Construction Tools

Change: Increased Stamina Loss On All Sledgehammers

Change: Removed Coal Requirement from Basic Campfire

Change: Crayon Removed

Change: Gas Adjustments on Helicopter. SHOULD Burn More Fuel

Change: Enabled Direct Light Needed for Insect Traps and Crops

Change: Consolidated Rifles, Shotguns and Handguns Quest Lines into 1 Overall Firearms Quest

Change: Removed Building Quests, Screwdriver, Trowel and Multi Tool

Change: Increased Backpack Size By 1 Row

Change: Lowered High End Damage on All Guns

Change: Thumper Quest No Longer Shareable

Change: Posters are now Sellable for Small Amounts

Change: Rebar Frame Removed

Change: Added Parts Bench to Gun Quest Unlock

Change: Military Vehicles Now Contain Military Loot

Change: Removed SMX Bigger Backpack Modlet. Make Sure It is gone from your install

Change: Removed Frying Pan

Change: Steel Darts Can Now Be Made in the Normal Forge

Change: Removed Strand Resort





- - - Updated - - -


Forum strikes again. I cant post the rest of the notes here. Head over to our website or discord to see them all

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I attacked a chicken and barely made it out alive.


LOL I feel your pain, it surprised the heck out of me when I shot it and it didn't die and made a beeline towards me and attacked me. I was so surprised that I just stood there for a moment going "ummmmm...WTF?!?!" Well played Jax, well played.

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After playing for a bit on vanilla, want to play some modded. Mod looks fun and awesome but I have one question, search won't let me search, and 283 is a lot of pages to go through. With that said, my apologies if this is already asked, answered or addressed. The one thing I hate facing and have always modded out on my own once I learned how are those damned dogs. Then the hornets. Now vultures and zombie bears. I HATE them. Are they still in the game? If so, will it cause problems if I go into the entitygroups file and replace all instances of them with spiders or another type of zombie?


Installed and playing and have not seen any of the stupid zombieAnimals so I'm happy there but getting aggravated in another area. One of the first things I do is rush through the starting tutorial in order to get the things I need for basic survival without having to rebuilt them later for the tutorial. I'm stuck on it though because I need coal to make coal treated clothing. I used to bust up old campfires and get some coal that one in vanilla, doesn't work and all I can find searching for coal is that isn't in the burned biome. Is there another way to get some if you're not in the burned...? Even just enough to get the basic clothing tutorial out of the way?

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If you bust boulders you should get some coal. At least you did on 5.4. Never seen hornets. Vultures and ravens (my vet friend tells me they are really crows, as Ravens apparently look and sound completely different) are good for feathers. I regularly shoot them down with a crossbow/bow. Bears are tough, but you can generally hear them before you see them. Get some sneak skills! I have no idea how you'd map them out though.

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I'm still on a 5.4 server. I see zinc and copper have been added back to the badlands in 5.5 - um, what are they used for?


Also, in 5.4 I think 1x oil shale gave 2 fuel. Now that looks to be flipped in 5.5 - so that's like a 400% decrease in fuel production, right? And on top of it, some/all of the vehicles now burn more fuel? And fuel pumps can spawn broken? That seems a very heavy change. Is that adjustable in file settings somewhere? Because it now sounds like you are going to spend half your time mining oil shale or stick to bicycles, eh?

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