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Ravenhearst Mod


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Any special place to look for Grills? Day 13 and only found one despite looting every kitchen I can find.


Wrench or detroy a BBQ you see outside sometimes and as in loot ovens



hi, Where do I find the mufflers for 4x4?


You have to use a crowbar (loot only) on vehicles to get the special parts.

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Game breaking issues.




I understand the main goal of the mod is to add depth and more challenge to the game, but I think there is some issues with this mod that make the game not challenging but frustrating.


I have a char level 63 rigth now, but most of the main quest lines are at dead ends. Iآ´m pretty much the diogenes of 7d2d, my bases are more a scrap yard than a base, because I loot every damn bag, box, nest, sink, etc. And Usually save everything, and yet in 63 levells I was unable to find a meat cleaver despite having more butcher knives, hunter knives, bates and frying pans that i can count in a life, so the farm quest is stucked.


I never looted a Tool&die set, so I canآ´t finish the blade journal quest, because I canآ´t craft a stupid spacer. Iآ´m in the verge of completing the Automobile workbench (i have 5 of the 7 skill points required) but in the end I know the bench will be nothing but an expensive decorative table, because in 63 damn levels I never got a single crowbar, not even a semi-damaged lvl 1.


I donآ´t know how many ratcher sets I have, and yet not a single sewing kit, so I canآ´t craft a leather armor, no matter if I had all the recipes and a crap load of leather.


Iآ´m fine with the need of advanced benchs for crafting high tier vehicles, but why in the name of Christ you need an Automobile worckbench to craft a stupid mini bike? Once you have the level to craft an Automobile worckbenchm what rason will you have to craft a stupid mini bike, wich is barely an improvement over the bicycle?


BTW I have 3 tiers unlocked in secret stash, and know every shop in the map, and never found even a single one of the missing items for sell.


Having quest lines stuck because you need a random non-craftable item is game breacking and leads only to frustration.


Also, you can accept several lines of the bone quest at the same time, but doing so totally bug all of them, and the stupid boulder get auto destroyed before you can even touch it if you had more than one at the same time. In no place at the quest it says you canآ´t have more than one at the same time, and if thats create problems, you should be unable to activate a second bone if you have the quest active.


Srry for my english.

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Wipe Patch 5.5 Final Edition Released


The final patch for RH on 17 has been released. This patch requires a full wipe. The launcher now has 5.5 on it. If you wish to continue on 5.4.13 do not update, or grab the direct links for 5.4.13 from the first set of posts.


W00kieN00kie DLL added...... SUPER special surprise we will not announce just yet. We want you to find it on your own, and it will be quite obvious. We will announce what it is 24 hours after the new patch drops. Suffice to say he is an absolute genius.


Increased Captured Animal Harvests


Added 1 Meat to Every Animal


Increased Kill Counts on All Weapons Classes


Blood Moons should now last longer into the morning at lower stages


Changed How Farming Works. Now you will receive Fertilizer, you make a fertilized seed out of 1 Fert and 1 of the appropriate seed and plant it to get the plant to grow in 180 minutes instead of 360 minutes. This eliminates issues with grow times etc from upgrading the plant. When your harvest your seed it goes back to a NORMAL seed and you need to pick it up with a hoe and craft it as a fertilized seed again. There is no way around this part unfortunately.


Replaced Nitrate with Salt in Cave Stalactites


Added Bowl of Fruit


Dried Fruit Moved to Drying Rack


Added 0.05 Probability chance for sleepers to be a decoy


Lowered emptyChance of Sleepers from .35 to .25


Table Salt Craftable with Mined Salt and Clean Water in Survival Campfire with Beaker


Gamestage Difficulties Slowed Down Slightly So GS Wont Raise too Fast


Added Empty Bowls


Added Bowls Similar to Water Line to Filtration Unit


Vineyard Grapes is Now a Fking Tree


Increased Composter Time to 180


Increased Level 3,4,5 of Hammer Forge to require Player Level 40,60,80


Changed All Craft Station Quests to FetchKeep Quests


Drop on Death None Added to UI


Removed Craft from KP step of Quest


Added Railway Rifle


Flipped Chromium/Stainless Steel and Tungsten


Football Players Now Run


Added Sittable Furniture


Added Manux Vehicles (Quad/Helicopter/Hellgoat Bike)


Storage on all vehicles are now more realistic


Removed the Ability to Grow Grace Corn


Added Fishing Pond


Removed Storage From Perks And Added to Schematics


Added Farming Shed


Hunting Knife Now Made With Forged Iron Instead of Toolhead


Added 3 New Towns to RWG in place of 2 cities


Ink No Longer Scraps to KP


Lowered Oil Suppressor Chances


Baked Potato Now Drains Water


Insect Trap now Stays


Added Insect Trap Refills


Removed Shotgun Ability from Oil Suppressor


Fixed Improper Mod Slots in Guns


Scrap Ammo Made in Workbench Now


Added Vanilla Elevator


Record Player Can Now Be Repaired


Lowered Probability on Cookbooks


Adjusted Forged Metals Timers


Steel Helmet Craft Added to Construction Tools


Adjusted Pickaxes so they fall more in line with getting better as each tier goes up


Removed Custom Rally Marker


Adjusted Scrap Iron Sheet Timer


Increased Count on Stock and Soup In Loot


Golf Club Swings Faster


Increased Prob for Canned Food in Loot


Layer of Stone just above bedrock now has ALL ores but at a lower rate. You need Iron and above to be able to acquire these ores. This makes setting up a cave viable but for mass amounts of ores you still need to visit biomes.


Death Buff now Takes Stats down by percentage instead of setting it at 50


Multiple POI Adjustments and Fixes by Sinder


Added Quest Directional SDX Mod. This mod lets you see what direction your quest is in at the traders


Journal Dig Quest Replaced With A New Quest


Lockpicking is a bit quicker


Pallets for Cement and Concrete instead of Sand, Fiber or Cobblestone


Apple Tree and Nut Tree Harvest Return Lessened


Insect Trap Refills Now Craft to 5 So You Can Refill 5 Times from 1 Craft


Backpacks No Longer Scrap to KP, Scraps to Military Fiber


Lowered Probability on Books in Lockers


Added Sinders Salt POIS to Desert.


Added Electric Bench and Recipes


Changed Model on Weapon Table


Moved Numerous Recipes to Different Tables (Some from Workbench to Deco Table etc)


Raised Amount of KP Needed for Recipes


Added Over 30 New Floor Tile Blocks for Deco


Icon and Bound Box for Weapon Table


More Table Switches for Recipes


Added 3 Spears


Added Sinder Salt Cave POI to Desert


Fixed Auger and Chainsaw Parts Local


Fixed Chainsaw Blade Icon


Possible Fix for Katanas Falling Through World


Rebalanced All Illnesses and Buffs so they have higher chances of actually completing or moving on to next stages


Added all proper values to buffs on food. Percentages will now display properly for food poisoning and dysentry chances


Prisoners chance of breaking legs reduced


Night Terrors (Butcher, Convict etc) Health Increased





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It says dig a trench and add water to it for farming. How do i add water to a trench? I googled this and got 1 youtube video of 7dtd from 2013 and 1 link to page 238 of this thread which contained no information. Is there a wiki that explains this that repels google for some reason?

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It says dig a trench and add water to it for farming. How do i add water to a trench? I googled this and got 1 youtube video of 7dtd from 2013 and 1 link to page 238 of this thread which contained no information. Is there a wiki that explains this that repels google for some reason?


You need a bucket which can be crafted. Then fill it with water at a well or river by having it in your hand and (right?) clicking. Then using the filtration unit, get a bucket of clean water, which you can then finally put in the ditch by (right?) clicking with it in your hand while pointed into the ditch.


One bucket will also fill 4m of ditch, if I remember correctly.

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adding amount of ditch filled (see edit history)
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Thank you so very much! That should be added in the Farming journal entry and off Living off the Land in the original post in this thread.


I want to update to 5.5 and start over, but it's just syncing with 5.4.8 still. Is there a way to get it to 5.5?


edit: oh, I just saw your edit. Thanks again!

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First of all. I freaking love this mod. The grind and difficulty is much needed after playing vanilla forever. I finally completed all my gun classes and crafted the firearms certificate to get access to the weapons bench. Well, it still won't let me craft the bench and I really need it. All my guns are about dead and I'm low on parts. Am I missing something?

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> Pain Killers sometimes don't add +40 instant, ate 3 in a row, no instant health, then ate 1 the next day, worked as intended, not sure how to replicate

> Temperature (world temp not player temp) wonky, going up and down 20, 30, 40 degrees in a couple seconds walking between biomes (forest and desert)

> Seems a lot higher chance of sickness and dysentery on canned foods, says 5% but I got it 4 out of 5 canned foods I ate

> Descriptions need work, farming says add water to trenches but had to have JamsCB explain how to add water in this thread, insect trap says "Catching insects" but not where to put the trap, how long it lasts, how many it'll catch, and Weird Science looks too much like a poster, had no clue it started a quest chain, and doesn't give any indication of what that quest chain actually accomplishes, it says unlocks recipes for weird science but What Ones and What Do They Do?





> 1st level of More Room let me craft seed box (which it says is level 2), but not storage chest like 5.4.8. Storage chest is not listed on any of the levels.

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Pain killers, at least in vanilla, have a "cooldown" on the instant health. You should have gotten the health on the first one, again if they work same as vanilla, but you'd have to wait a few minutes before taking more to get the health.


Temp sounds like vanilla stuff as well. RH might make it more extreme, but I've never played it so I can't say for sure. When you have better clothing it usually isn't as noticeable.

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> Descriptions need work, farming says add water to trenches but had to have JamsCB explain how to add water in this thread


we generally expect that players have a working knowledge of the vanilla game and the use of buckets, i'm glad someone was able to fill you in.


- - - Updated - - -




What are the instructions to keep playing on previous version without need to wipe?!?!


I have my Saved Game saved local to Mod and now I cannot find it.


you can start the game from the .exe in the mod destination, instead of hitting "play" on the launcher.

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Wish i could say something about this Mod but my 16gig of RAM cant handle it xD

Out of memory Exception at around 6GB of RAM.


I know this is old and will probably not help you directly but others may find this. 7Days requires the pagefile to be on or it pukes at the 6GB range, regardless of how much RAM you have. So turn it back on and this should not be an issue.

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Hotfix Patch 5.5.1 - Now Wipes or Save Breaks



We felt this was too good NOT to update to you guys!


By Now you know the secret change implemented by W00kie. The Inventory Dump Feature! W00kie has now made it even better with 2 new features. First two dump buttons, one for dump all and one for dumping ONLY items already in the box! 2nd feature is locking slots in your backpack so it does NOT dump those slots you locked! . We feel this justifies a patch!




1. Currently the LOCK item is done by pressing the X key whilst hovering over a slot in the backpack. Long term ill get this key settable in the options menu.

2. Players will need to reset the LOCKED slots in the backpack each time they restart the game.

3. Currently Quest Items you get from Quests CAN be dumped into your box and are not locked. You can lock these yourself by Pressing X on them. If they go into your box you can retrieve them


New Sittable Furniture Added by Oignon Chaud


Chairs in the world can no longer be picked up. Get those hammers out and break them.


Sleeping Buff on Sittable Furniture Tweaked


Added Sinders Fixed Salt Cave POI


Hemp now Makes 8 Paper


Skill Point Reward Added to Quest Challenges you find in the world


Tree Health Lowered Slightly


Improper Material on Tire Fixed


Adjusted Some Recipes on Sittable Furniture


Fixed Improper Size on Navezgane Poster

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