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Ravenhearst Mod


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Guys - Day 30 and Level 55.


I have found quite a few Small Backpacks and I think 1 Large Backpack.


I have 9 slots remaining to be opened in my inventory. Now, when I get Small Backpacks, it won't open any more slots in inventory - is this intended? Do I need to find another Large Backpack?




Is intended, you need the backpack mods in your armor to get them freed.



If I run a dedicated server do the players need the client or will it be download from the server?


They need the client Mod installed by themselves.

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Patch 5.4.10 No Wipes





Increased Mechanical Parts in Some Harvests by 1


Added Light Level and increased recipe for Beer Trap


Added Worms to Compost Recipe


Bricks Now Made in Forge


Iron Sheet Now Made in Forge


Removed Metal Pipes from Loot (Break a toilet. They give pipes and they can be crafted)


Added Iron Sheet Mold


Added Iron Sheet to Loot


Increased Probability of Crowbars


Increased Chance of Compressor in Automotive Box


Added Trioxin and Testosterone to Rare Medical Loot


Increased Air Drop Loot


Added more fruits and veggies to loot


Added Potato to Mushroom Soup


Fixed Improper Military Fiber Unlock in Description of Yeah Science


Spiced Up Collapsed Station Loot


Lowered Probability of Guns in Desks


Fixed 2 loot lists with improper item tags


Replaced ALL Vanilla Cotton/Goldenrod/Chrys with HDHQ Blocks


Homemade ammo now scrappable


All Illness and Infection No Longer Have the "Something Coming On" Buff. With that Buff illness had a chance to cure itself. Now if you get infected you are INFECTED.


Fixed Up Eyewear Showing Wrong Skill Boosts


Wild POI Plants should now display proper names


Decreased Salt Drops


Increased Mayo and Vinegar Drops


You Can Now Scrap Trash Bag Storage for Polymers


Increased Number of Materials Needed to Make Stainless Steel Items


Decreased Tungsten and Chromium Yield from Mining by 1 count each


Lowered Probability for Fire and Electric Zombies on Blood Moon


Boss Blood Moon Zombies Moved to Post GS 300


Cops Will No Longer Spawn As Sleepers (Ruined POIs are not Fun)


Yucca Juice Now Cools You Down


Aluminum Bat Now Made in Workbench


Cookbooks Can Now Only Be Found In cupboards


Added Drop On Death - Nothing Option to UI


Added Sinders Fix For rh5_BoxingGym(by_KamR)


Added Sinders Fix for rh5_Plant(by_Wsiegel)


Added Sinders Fix For rh5_Storage(by_ShoNuff)


Added Sinders Fix For rh5_gedzas_base(redo_by_Sinder)


Added Sinders Fix For rh5_Ministers_Tree_House(by_Theis_and_Sinda)

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Haven't played since A16. Jumped straight into 5.4.9. Singleplayer. It started perfectly. But after I loaded the game once, game randomly crashes when I open inventory. And it can happen anywhere: when I craft, loot, or just open inventory to sort stuff.. It's kinda unplayable, cos it happens 4-5 times in one in-game day. Checked in another world, same issue. Everything is perfect after world creation, played almost 1 in-game week. But after I loaded - crashes. Anybody has any idea how to fix this?


Also I have a suggestion for A17+. I think game no longer punishes you for deaths. Actually, you can restore health/thrist/etc by dieing, which can be very beneficial in certain situation, which is awkward. I know it affects GS, so if you want harder challenges and better loot, you don't want to die. But still, no penalties for dieing several times in a row, no wellness loss like in previous version. So my suggestion is adding long-term penalty when you die. XP loss, skill loss, heavy durability loss, certaion debuff, which you need to "work out" by gaining XP. Just something, that throws away this phrase from mind: "if I die, I don't care".

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Patch 5.4.12 No Wipes



Apologies for the quick patch. This should be our last of this edition. Everything feels good now and we got some nagging balance issues out of the way.



Added Rims to Car Harvests


Added Rubber to Car Harvest


Lowered Amount of Oil and Springs from Car Harvests


Increased Probability of Engines in Cars


Increased Scrap Iron Sheet Recipe Slightly


Insect Trap Nows can be made with Honey or Beer


Insect Trap Times Increased to 90 Minutes


Insect Trap Now Breaks into and Empty Trap and Must be Refilled with a Beer or Honey


Increased Recipes for Stone Tool Mod, Runner Insole Mod and Cloth Mod


Stone Upgrade Mod Added to Hammer Forge 1 Unlock and also added to loot


Runner Insoles added to Tailor Station


Lowered Probability of Prisoners


Yucca Juice Can Now Be Made On You


Increased Insect Loot Slightly to Balance with Changes

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Hi I just installed this mod a few hours ago through the launcher, I may be doing something wrong, but I cannot use my wired xbox controller with this?

I can move the cursor as normal during the splash page but then when the mod kicks in and opens the main menu it stops working, I have tried setting up my controller again through Steam, and tried in big picture mode and nothing fixes it.

I cant play games with kb&m due to crappy arthritic hands :(

Any fix would be greatly appreciated.

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If I had to describe this mod it would be... tedious.


Don't get me wrong, there are some parts that are good and I understand that this is a hardcore mod. But I think just because something is hardcore does not mean it needs to bore you to tears.


The building in this mod is as stated, tedious. Building was already quite tedious however this mod increases that. For example, upgrade kits, these will increase your building time to insane levels. Realistically, with all the hoops you need to jump through you will not have a functional base by Day 7.


Leveling is also painfully slow, this would be okay if you got more skill points but you don't and it makes everything feel far more grindy and slow.


Whilst the parts system is back you cannot actually improve your parts which is sort of a disappointment. With each weapons quality tied to a active skill you will be using grey quality weapons, tools and etc for a while.


I think what this mod has done is try to add too much, over complicating things for the sake of just making them complicated and as such makes them a chore. I think there needs to be a found balance between what is realistic and what is fun.


Tear my head off if you want, just stating my own personal opinions here.

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Although I love this mod, I agree with "The building in this mod is how it is said, tedious." I have not seen the point of upgrade kits. They just delay building until you have the rebar frames available, cause build a tiny base and upgrade to cement via upgrade kits is unviable.

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Personally I don't experience it as 'boring'. I love the feelings it triggers of being 'on the edge', 'near despair', thinking you are never going to make it and the relief when you do see you get to live another day. it is not a chore for me personally.


They already give enough choices to make it more 'enjoyable'....not loosing backpacks or such, lessen the damage on blocks, letting zombies run ot not.


It is even tremendously more forgiving than real life would be when things there would really go wrong. And people generally don't like the feeling of being 'helpless'. Though...'realistically' seen, we would perish quickly when time threw us in an apocalypse.


Though I agree it is not for everyone. For me, it is a marvel.

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I am over level 160 and have yet to find the recipe for military armor. Any suggestions on where to look for it?


Also what controls the level of the military armor that you craft?


60 animal feed is a lot for the class quest. I am growing wheat but 9 wheat plants gives 18 wheat which is only 6 animal feed so it is taking a long time even with fertilizer. What am I doing wrong or working as intended?

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Patch 5.4.13 Hotfix No Wipes


I loaded hotfixes 11-13 and my 4x4 truck disappeared. I am not sure if the two are related.


It was parked on a solid paved road but may still have glitched deep underground as that used to happen in vanilla a while back to minibikes.

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I loaded hotfixes 11-13 and my 4x4 truck disappeared. I am not sure if the two are related.


It was parked on a solid paved road but may still have glitched deep underground as that used to happen in vanilla a while back to minibikes.


I've just started playing a vanilla game on a server. It just happenend to me with a motorcycle, still a vanilla issue.

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ZombieHitDetriments has modinfo.xml instead of ModInfo.xml. On linux it wont load the modlet cause of that. Server and client package.




Just downloaded 5.4.13 via link in OP (serverfiles).


Has that been updated? As i still have an all lowercase modinfo.xml. Now wondering if any of the changes are there.



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