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Ravenhearst Mod


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Patch 5.01 has been released and uploaded to the Launcher and all Direct Links Updated.


This patch addresses a few common issues. Work on 5.1 and 17.2 Upgrade has begun but we have NO timeframe for this. Its a MAJOR rework and balance of ALL systems. We will post previews and updates as we move forward.


5.01 is for play in 17.1 ONLY. It does not wipe saves or break games and is safe to upgrade to. Thank you everyone for your support and just plain all around awesomeness. Enjoy!


Patch Notes


-Lowered Drop Scale on All Farming Items to make food smaller when dropped on ground


-Removed Wrench Requirement from Getting a Cooking Grill from Grills When You Destroy Them


-Added Sinders Fixed Zombie Zoo


-Reduced Stone Harvest on Stone Axe


-Fixed Stone Knife Model


-Dropped Grumbul Quest to Tier 4


-Moved 2 custom quests to appropriate spot on quest list. This should fix the trader quest refresh null


-Added Localization to Trader Advertisement


-Fixed Quest DVD and Grum quests not showing in trader list


-Lowered brightness and luminosity on glowsticks


-Added fix for duplicate recipes in personal bench


-Removed all arrow to bolt arrow to arrow conversion recipes


-Moved Table Saw out of workbench into Personal Bench


-Fixed Incorrect Science Tier Labels in Mods


-Lowered damage on Wooden Bow at start, raised damage on Iron Bow to better balance them.


-Added general description to storages


-Fixed new sinks being lootable and pick up enabled


-Added Sinders Fixed IR8 Center for Sleepers


-Added Sinders Fixed Curling Center for Sleepers


-Optimized all my assets. Saved 150mb of space. This may help with texture blurring


-Added Socket Description


-Added Sinders Fixed Strand Resort


-Added wookienookies NightWalkers Despawn at Morning Tweak. Nightwalkers will now despawn at the sound of morning enabling a true night mode. If a Nightwalker senses you before then it will not despawn and must be killed


-Fixed Farming Harvest not working properly in Living Off the Land


-Removed Grilled Fish from Campfire and added to Grill


-Added description to Scythe and Hoe on their uses and benefits


-Fixed Recipe for Fishing Rod


-Removed Flame Particles from Grill and Smoker


-Added Descriptions to Saplings on their use


-Price Adjustments on some items


-Removed Hoe Bat and Pick Bat from loot due to unnecesariness.


-Removed Broken Glasses Items from Trader


-Removed Steel Exploit


-Removed Meat Cleaver Recipe

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Just some feedback concerning the 5.01 Patch...THANK YOU JAX! For this quick fix. I too, was in the boat of being unable to play any of the 3 versions of the mod and I tried all day yesterday, with my VERY limited skills, to download, un-download, re-download, tweak, curse, pray, scream, and other stuff I may now not be so proud of =/. I was in the general boat of the players that could get through the menu screen and start a new game, but then it threw up a WHOLE bunch of errors until it crashed - For the Vanilla download. And for the 2K & 4K download, would get the music, Fun Pimps logo, but nothing else, just a black screen. However, after your fix, I have been able to start the mod in Vanilla, so far...will try the 2 & 4K later this evening. Sorry for this convoluted mess of info, but I'm not all that bright in all thing "computer", so I have no idea what info helps modders, developers, and such.


Again, thank you so much, Jax, for jumping on this and for all the hard work that you and your team do. I greatly enjoyed your mod in Alpha 16 and I have high hopes that it will help me to enjoy Alpha 17 more so than I currently do. Good luck with all your endeavors and dreams for this mod!


Interesting side note: In the Vanilla version of mod: Beginning of game, when I opened my trunk, I have double items.



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how can a item with quality120 be produced ? As far as I see, (not there yet, so no test possible) at highest level of tradesman you have quality 100 - or do I miss something ?





Nevermind, found out level 10 tradesman makes items at 120 quality

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First of all, this mod, along with others like Darkness Falls, has saved this alpha cycle for me, and I'm probably not alone in that. Your work is amazing, and playing thru the first 20 levels has given me a true sense of pride and accomplishment. Heh.




Sorry for the wall of text, again, great job with the mod! Thanks for your time.


thanks! sorry if already answered, but the texture thing seems to be due to the new texture streaming the pimps are using. we think ravenhearst combined with the hd pack is just sadly far to powerful.


in 17.2 (which this version of rh will NOT work on) there are options for enable/disable texture streaming that would depend on your systems if it can handle. i personally find the blurred textures aggravating, but i love what the hd pack offers so much i really don't care. just know it's nothing you've done wrong.


we were able to downsize a little bit in 5.01, and we'll see what the future brings next time around.


teas are made in the coffee maker.


- - - Updated - - -


Does this mod work with the newest Alpha version of the game ? (17.2) i stopped playing 7dtd since version 15. something... is it a good time to come back ?


ravenhearst is currently only for 17.1

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Hi, my server is dropping me while connecting to with this error message:


2019-03-03T13:11:14 3957.541 ERR NCSimple_Serializer (cl=76561197998523980, ch=0):

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object


I am using RAT Server Manager - Server is version A17.1

I completely installed the game anew.

I use the RH 5.01 2k version.


Is this problem realted to EAC? Do I have to run the server without EAC?


I found new problems with loading the items.xml, blocks.xml and biomes.xml.

-> Installing all server files, again and new.

-> Fully installed everything anew.


Works now ...

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I have to say one really big "Thank you" to all Ravenhearst team and testers for this really big and game changing mod. This feels and plays as, I won't say different game, but like "7 days to die 2" or maybe even Final release like i believe many of us will like to see 7dtd in the end of alphas and betas. Once again, thank you R-Team.


Didn't come across any forged steel. Is there a way to get one or two in any specific places like I use to do with vanilla on junkyard dissasembling that strange 'thing' on floor in yard and in garage? My only wrench is near dead and friend and I was looking around to repair it with no luck finding forged steel. We can't use wrench any more and so we are down on finding it in loot or breaking something that have chance to drop it. We are around lvl12/day8. Does military boxes give steel on random in R5? Or maybe other places/things to search?

Thank you all in advance

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Anyone try the Farm Production path?

Crafting the chicken coop, pig and cow are pretty straight forward but the benefits are not.

It looks like you need to capture wild male/female versions of them for use within the crafted version (which are essentially crafting stations) but I'm not sure how to capture animals. Is there a special tool that I've overlooked?



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