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Goldshire Village


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This is taken from World of Warcraft. It is made of wood, but painted. It's used in a mod I am working on, so there is no loot blocks in it. It also has no sleeper spawn or any form of zombie spawns. I have taken out all the NPC spawns and what not from my mod I'm working on. It's just the building. These were two different buildings but I combined them into a single large POI due to me changing the way I want my mod to work. There is the Inn and the Blacksmithing area.

Due to it being painted blocks instead of actual brick, I've noticed occasionally the paint will disappear or change completely. I'm not exactly sure why this happens, but i've just dealt with it.


You will need to set up the RWG spawner to spawn this prefab in. My RWG has all kinds of edits to it.

Let me know how you like it!



You have my permission to edit it to whatever you want, if you wish to use it.




Some pictures:


















Dropbox link (Goldshire Village):



Dropbox link (this one has cabinets and ovens set to loot, not just decor. also removes the clutter behind the blacksmith.)





I also have another pretty large prefab I use in my mod. It started off being based off of the trade district in world of warcraft (i like the building and architecture in wow. lol.) but i didn't want to make a massive POI, so i kinda cut some corners on it. Also i didnt name it trade district cuz well... it's not accurate enough for me. lol

Here are some pics:












Feel free to check out my steam profile for more pictures. I also have NPC traders in each of these buildings for my mod, so this isn't just a barren town. I've already made all the boxes into actual loot containers as well for this upload.



Dropbox Link (Traders Ridge):


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Nice prefab, im trying it out right now for the medievalonyour@## concept we got going on. If i may request a few changes that would be awesome. If not, well ill survive lol.


1. Change the crates in blacksmith to all be plain.

2. Get rid of iron girders and cement blocks behind forge building.

3. Get rid of stoves.


Thanks pardner, so far your prefab and the vanilla graveyard are the only 2 prefabs in my rgw:encouragement:


Took a look at one of your previous posts regarding the barn and watchtower, very nice looking.

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I'm working on that, dark. Can i ask why you want the stoves gone? They are just strategically placed burning barrels. I put wood plates ontop, so it makes the flame look like its coming out of the grill part. I mean i can get rid of them just for you, i dont mind. Just wondering why. :)

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Thanks! Do you guys know if it would be better to use the material or paint the blocks? From a performance stand point. I don't really notice a huge difference in my gaming but I have a pretty decent computer so I'm not sure I would notice it too much. But for big towns like that I get the usual fps drop when it loads in then it stays at about 50 to 60 for the most part. You guys know if it would be wiser to use actual blocks instead of retextured wood blocks? I also have a hard time deciding on what it should look like. Took me ages to decide on a wall texture for the buildings lol.

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