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Hemp provides usable wood, large amounts of fiber (less of a concern in 7Days thanks to all its tough grass), and can easily be woven into utility cloth. It grows quickly, and grows LARGE.


If this were rated Teen I'd be concerned about the rating being pushed up, but that shouldn't be a concern either.

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On 10/22/2017 at 4:18 AM, Rabbitslovecactus said:

Farming Hemp for plant fiber, food, and fuel. Cannabis for medicine. Bear in mind, for those of you that dont know, the two plants are different. One is male the other is female. Cannabis is the female. Would be amazing to farm both those plants!

I agree with this idea..


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FYI: I’ve taken up the maintenance of the cannabis mod for a19 (Here)... bug patches only for a19, but would be willing to make updates/changes when a20 comes out if they “make sense” with the original authors intent. The cannabis mod is mostly “for fun” and seems to track with “realism” a bit.


if anyone has any suggestions for updating the cannabis mod, please post it as an “issue” on my GitHub fork, or post it on my mods page.  I won’t promise I’ll do/add/honor every request, but I will try to fairly consider all requests with what I’m able to do (I cannot do new unity 3D models yet... maybe some other modders a could help if more are needed) modding wise, as well as support.  As for adding new recipes, extractions (cbd, etc) or hemp fiber options, I’m all ears :)  Fyi: am personally against making/crafting items that are OP without a good reason or great difficulty to create.

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