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[POC] Proof Of Concept Play - Valmod Overhaul with integrated SDX Changes


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You can combine some mods together. I am not sure how experimental recipes would combine with valmod; you may run into issues, etc.


It may throw off the balance of the mod.


youre prolly right they change some gameplay stuff both i guess =)

i always hated the way to put in mod in 7dtd lot easier in game like ark, rimeworld and such just subscribe in workshop and work as its at "mod folder" and not change core file so much =)


i guess im better not try those two :p


but what about mods like binoculars sdx and those from sdx mod list?

like power mod too:



would that work and how to install?



oh and btw wow fast answer! and thanks for greate work anyways! =)

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You can theoretically pull the .unity3d files from ANY mod, and as long as you know how to reference it from xml, use them to combine a super mod. So if you want weapon x from starvation, and item y from wotw, you just need a teensy bit of knowledge to use them in a new mod.


- - - Updated - - -


...what you can't do (easily enough to be worthwhile) is mix coded mods, like say, electricity from starvation and elevators from 308.

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