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Settler's Mod. (wip)


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[h1]Settler's Mod[/h1]


Settler's mod is available on sphereii's mod launcher under skippy3. Two versions,

Settler's mod - use this if you are a player

Settler's mod Sever Edition -use this if you wish to host your own dedicated, copy files from (c:/)7dtd/

Tutorial Video on how to install launcher:




Official information, updates and discord information, along with official server ip and ports @ Skippy3.com (currently being overhauled)



Settler's Mod Description


My aim is to create a progression type play-style. Mostly aimed at MP and Multiplayer servers, fully xml, easy to use and host your own. (encourage users to use launcher for access to descriptions and future quests, ect)

I will add in new blocks / zombies / and items in every content patch, raise the max xp to match.


This mod is currently under development, I am taking a lot of feedback from streamers, players, my own community and my two servers. (Official server info at Skippy3.com)


Features, new zombies with new challenges, 500+ recipes for creative only blocks (such as decorations ect) Trader balance, headshot balance.





[h1]Features and Quality of life items[/h1]


Diamond Infused Armor

  • Crafted with diamonds, my precious ore, and steel
  • Very high protection rate
  • Unique appearance
  • No encumbrance
  • Lasts twice as long
  • Learned with Diamond Armor skills after armor crafting 10


Chicken farms ** may have to place sloped blocks several times to get desired direction **

  • Completely modular farms. Comes in cable, sloped and cube shape. (sloped and gable blocks may have to be placed several times to get in desired direction
  • 100 min real time production times
  • Produces a variety of meat, feathers, eggs, and rare golden eggs
  • Learn to build these with the Chicken Farm perk at level 20
  • Uses, chickenfeed, nests, and wood to craft
  • Two stages, Brown wood means its producing, Red wood means it's matured.
  • Slopes and roofs may be picked up or destroyed to regain. Cubes may only be destroyed to pick up.



  • Small and portable
  • Unlock with Pressurewell perk at level 15
  • Craft with 5x mechanical parts, 1 spring, and 5 forgediron
  • Place on ground and it will spill water every 15 mins
  • Best placed in the middle of a 3x3 contained area, also able to quickly make pools with many of these
  • Can be placed underwater without disturbing it


Headshot overhaul

  • Zombie xp reduced greatly – recommend playing with higher zombie counts
  • Zombies killed by headshots with projectiles, high chance with melee
  • Stronger, feral zombies not as affected
  • Radiated zombies don't feel the pain the other zombies do
  • Zombie bodies also destroy on close - no duping on mp.


Craftable environment blocks

(grass, forest ground ect) that will not spawn zombies (ex grassNOSPAWN) Great for making in walled in compounds, without the spawning mechanics of fortnite



costs many diamonds, uses new parts (Diamond auger parts, diamond auger blade, supahengine, strenthnedhandlebars) Does 2x damage and lasts about 4x longer, on hits.


king size beds

Now heal and give you stamina when you stand on them (and them fancy♥♥♥♥♥beds em expensive to make now) This includes the ones in poi's.




[h1]New Zombies[/h1]



Party Girl - (green skinned zombie) She partied too hard, didn't make it. watch out for the vomit. too much tequila. She's pretty tough too, and makes you drunk if she hits you. Explodes in a fit of rave. rarer spawn


Party Girl Baddass Screamer -Shes tougher than her younger counterpart, has more hp and does a LOT more damage when she explodes. rare scout spawn.


Horny Zombie (red zombie, among other distinguishing features) Pretty harmeless, she'll love tap you and give you a stamina boost for a little while. nothing like stopping for a little love and than getting the hell outta there


Ditz zombie (skin not complete, just a cheerleader for now) She's also pretty harmless, if you don't mind being slapped. But she mega crushes you, so once she's got you, whip out your club and take her home.


Ditz zombie Badass screamer (like her other partner, but she causes some troubles) rare scout spawn


Angry Ditz (shes exactly the same as the ditz zombie, but she bites and scratches, and only comes during a "blood moon")


Treasure zombie (skin not done yet, standing spider) He runs like crazy. has 360 field of vision and wants to keep his goodies (has chance to drop diamonds, silver and coins when, or if, you kill him) rare spawn.


Curious George VERY RARE SPAWN. Bleep bloop. nothing to see here......


The ring zombie Screamer texture on a spider, Does a slow buff for 4 seconds, she'll hold you in place, don't get caught. Really squishy but fast, Drops water buckets and a rare chance for a pressurewell Should start appearing after gamestage 500+


Bro zombie

Ditz's other half, He's almost turned, but angry af, and gives you a hangover buff.

Drops beer,suspicious plant,nature's gift and paper.


The Zombie Leprechaun Boss horde night and screamer called zombie. Does badass block damage, shoots projectiles, leaves fire. Does not do great entity (player) damage. Very squishy, and very tiny. Should start appearing after gamestage 500+


[h1]Reward systems[/h1]


Treasure Master | looting balance |

build a treasure master in your crafting menu, its a chest

Drops treasuremaps and a chance of diamond or silver ore (more to come)

Pick up treasuremastercoins from garbage loot containers (cans, piles, dumpsters)

Equip the coin in your toolbet, you need 125 of them, right click to upgrade chest to a lootable. Can be picked up and moved.


Zombie Master | looting balance|

Zombie master coins will drop off zombies at a chance rate. Looks like a console square block(green). Craft zombie master for the machine. Drops The same loot that the stash crate does upgrade for lootable container.

Equip zombie master coins in toolbest and upgrade with 125.


Ore Master |Grinding balance|

Drops an equal amount of all 4 ores, and a jackpot of diamond or siver ORE, which you can than break down for a bonus. Craft Ore Master, Machine will appear to be a coal deposit. Coin gathered from mining direct ores underground or on the surface, only with mining tools (no axes or hammers). Coin is a chance on boulders

Upgrade with 75 ore master coins!


Stone Master |Grinding balance|

Drops a bonus of stone and iron material with a chance of a diamond ore jackpot.

Runs exactly like the ore master, Looks like a small stone, upgrades to a boulder. uses 75 stone master coins

You get one coin per broken down stone(base amount), a chance on boulders.


Homewrecker Reward Master |Cross balance|

Upgraded with 75 homewreckercoins in hand, Coins obtained from destroying building blocks, doors and by looting ditz, horny and partygirl zombies. Also, a bonus from treasuremaster and zombiemaster. Drops building items and items such as paint, with rare things like solar panels ect.


- - - Updated - - -


[h1]Changes (in mod, and from vanilla)[/h1]

  • Reduced chance for plant fibers to drop while digging dirt
  • Pills stack to 500
  • Steel beams upgrade now to steel blocks
  • Reward masters loot chance increased slightly
  • Added a 1000 paint drop to hiddenstash, zombiemaster, and treasuremaster
  • Added player made containers for fridge, sinks oven and washing machine. They don’t harvest materials, but instead, breakdown to the original item
  • Overhauled some recipes for balance
  • Zombiemaster and Treasuremaster now break down into themselves after being looted. You will have to pick up the zombiemaster to obtain the dropped bag if you leave items behind. Both produce a loot bag if unobtained.
  • **Reduced chance of sleeper spawn to 50 percent, it really helps on the load on the server, esp for 25+ seats, otherwise we get 300-400 of them **
  • Added in about 500 recipes from the creative menu. build away! -Stripped out the minibike, they go missing on servers.
  • Overhauled trader, doesn't buy diamond, silver, gold (keep those, you'll need them) Doesn't buy clothing and removed the ability to buy traps and other items.
  • Changed landspeeds. You run faster on pavement, swim faster in water, but you are slow on snow, gravel, and sand. Running through tall grass will also slow you slightly. Zombies also move faster on asphalt and water too. (ROAD AND WATER increase only on server edition)
  • All drinks now stack to 50, along with empty jars
  • Increased cost of painting by about 200%
  • Reduced growth stage to 30 minutes, from 63
  • Balanced spawns of animals, from friendly to enemy. you should see both, both not a lot of one over the other.
  • Decresed xp gains from zombies, and all other actions by about 60%
  • Sod is a great means of transportation, but requires 1 steel each to make (server only)
  • turrets, and bladetraps now require diamonds, silver and steel to craft.
  • Greatly reduced paper loot (removed from some, reduced in others)

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[h1]Items,blocks and other things added[/h1]


  • Car parts, use these to craft various car parts and tools (scraps to iron)
  • Treasuremastercoin used for the treasuremaster, scraps to brass (useful for both)
  • Oremastercoin Used for oremaster, scraps to brass (useful for both)
  • Stonemastercoin Used for stonemaster, scraps to brass (useful for both)
  • zombiemastercoin Used for upgrading zombiemaster, scraps to brass
  • Diamond auger - made with: Diamond auger parts, diamond auger blade, supahengine,
  • strenthnedhandlebars.
  • Supahengine (combine 5 to get one)
  • Diamond auger blade, combine steel, a blade and 10 diamonds for this bad boy
  • Diamond auger parts - combine steel, parts, repair kit and 3 diamonds
  • Strengthned handlebars - combine handlebars and steel to craft
  • Treasuremaster- crafted with 40 iron
  • Oremaster-crafted with 40 iron
  • zombiemaster-crafted with 40 iron
  • stonemaster-crafted with 40 iron
  • Chickenfeed (2x cornmeal)
  • ChickenFarm blocks
  • Supahpainttool (ADMIN ONLY) -no recipe (has 0 swing delay and no paint animation on swing)
  • Clay non zombie spawn blocks that won't produce clay after being broken down
  • My precious (rare ore used for making high level items) drops off all masters as a jackpot, and other rareore loot bins
  • Diamond armor set
  • Nature's gift (gives you baked for 30 mins, -2 stamina every 2 seconds, but buffs +3 wellness) crafted with paper and suspicious plant
  • Alt medicine perk
  • Diamond armor perk
  • Chicken farm perk
  • Golden eggs (rare drop, traders like these) find in nests and chicken farms
  • Hidden relays
  • Wireless electricity perk
  • A regular king size bed that does not heal you
  • Regular sod block that doesn't make you flash
  • Like a dolphin (dolphinacan)
  • Decorative animal gore block (no heat map, doesn't despawn)
  • Homewrecker coins
  • Homewreckermaster
  • Yuckycharms (junk food item. Trader likes it)


- - - Updated - - -


2017-09-22 bug fix


Fixed bag dupe when cancelling loot action on zombie body (not corpse block)

-Lowered diamond armor cost to 50 (150 was a typo)

-Added the ability to use relays on pole tops (craftable)


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Hey Skippy, I have the launcher installed but Thrive & Survive 3.0 and 4.0 don't show. Have they been removed until you have everything working properly? Also what is the difference in 3.0 and 4.0?




We took it out because of redundancy! Just play settlers mod and join the servers! 3.0 is level 4 on difficulty and 4 is level 5 :)


- - - Updated - - -


this look great, good work :)


thanks man. hope you enjoy!

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