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Developer Discussions: Alpha 17


Developer Discussions: Alpha 17  

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I'm running a dedicated server I chopped down some trees then stopped playing for the night. The next day I started the server and logged in all the trees I had cut down are back with health of 0-1200 if I try to cut them down I get unlimited wood and xp I could rank up all the way if I wanted in a short time. Can this be fixed without wiping my server? Do I need to clear the server cache? if so how do I do that without messing the server up. Thx

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So far I love a17 and the fact I see a lot more hordes and zombies. Loving the hell out of 7 days.


Only down sides from my point of view is the following.

Bug of tablesaw missing in the progression.xml so you can make it.


Not all of the wood blocks are craftable in frame form and up gradable. example joints

Some smaller blocks that are not full blocks example railings,joints plates can not be overlapped in the corners to allow better building options.


Some things I'd like to see added as static models after finally getting the bus model are tractor trailer, Flat beds and the truck it's self Ambulance, fire truck, chopper, few tanks all these I'd prefer to be static. video below show a attempt to make a trailer for a new prison.

Jail doors removed so sad


Bug I in countered was a game breaker in countered it once so far is air drops started after day 3 when set to day 7 and they wouldn't stop we had over 25 air drops in minutes had to shut down dedicated server and restart only to find crates still was there just didn't show up as icons till you got close to them but the damage of to many air drops was done.


Runs better on my machine than a dedicated server host. On dedicated server it feels like there is to much lag in the back ground example clubbing zombies took more swings as if they didn't do as much damage but if run on my machine me and my son could 2 power attack the starting zombies first swing no perks zombie was on the ground second swing dead on dedicated server might take 3 to 4 power attack swings settings where set the same so not understanding what is going on with dedicated server host game and one ran on my machine.

Oh and I run a standard hard drive while dedicated server host is SSD.


When using the decals in prefab editor get null ref issue.


Some times the tree bug happens where you chop down a tree and the tree falls but there is still a tree standing that is untouchable.


Some issues placing the new vehicles on flat land areas where nothing is blocking the placement. Have to run around till it lights up green in some odd places it shouldn't be placeable.


Some prfabs that where not redone to be dungeon crawls are bla me and my son normally just run by them the dungeon crawling ones are the right direction.


Some prefabs are being placed in air a bit still in random gen still work in progress.


All the pros

Love it just love it Dungeon crawling best thing you could do.

Perk system love it.

new vehicles love it.

new blocks and assets love it. Hint don't stop adding this to bring out the game more.

Zombie ai love it seems a 1000 times better this build have yet to see a zombie walk in a circle. Zombies in a building on other floors finding a path up to me faster is grandpa's awesome sause.


Pimps video being made and will update post in few with link got to make video please come back and watch video. Joel I think you will tinker after seeing this after all it is your cup of tea and area.

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I’m hoping we get a new experimental patch tomorrow. Keep up the great work and improvements


Yeah, same here. I'm noticing a lot of FPS drop in POI's, then theres the tree / object bug.

Everything needs to be wiped anyways so i don't see a reason to play.

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So I just started farming because animal spawns are unreliable and infrequent and apparently it costs five of any crop to make one seed. and harvesting a crop only gives one crop.


How is that even remotely sustainable? Am I missing something or is farming not even worth your time anymore?


Living off the land perk gives you more items per harvest

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the game has important non-functioning elements, claims, weapons, buildings, etc.


You should explain better yourself what you find wrong. Maybe try reading here ( https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?94918-Alpha-17-Experimental-B199-bug-reporting-thread ) and you will find that these bugs are already found and pimps are aware.

Submit a ticket in bug reporting thread and right ppl will take care of them.

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Yes, one of the most annoying things. I guess that's how they want to stretch the gameplay, sadly it only makes it more boring because of forcing the player into a single style of play.


Yeah you really have to grind to get to level 20 once there it now is starting to feel like 7 days for me. Finally have a forge that helps.:smile-new:

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Roads could use some love


I noticed that roads are really bumpy in A-17. Roads could be a lot smoother. The problem is that roads are treated like terrain. Roads should be smooth even as they are adapted to the terrain.

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We had level gates in A16. STEEL required level 40 as the perfect example.


Shure, but doesn't make it any better.



Sadly, a lot of recipes are gated behind plvl now. It's not only the forge. Especially important are the highly gated traps and vehicles. With the smaller starting inventory the latter are even more improtant.


The imho worst part of all this is the typical "too good to use" trope. If you need it you aren't allowed to work towards to get it, and if you have it finally, you already need to have found solutions to make it obsolete. And nothing feels worse to get something new that's of no use anymore.



let alone the fact that a lot of that progress feels extremely bogus. For example: you have to craft the bicycle, because no other one can be found in the whole country... same for the truck (or any car at all). Mist Survival does this in such a great way!

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Suggestion: Bicycles found as random loot or awarded from a trader




Bicycles are simple and good to have. Plus many people would have one laying around somewhere like a garage or a bike shop.

Making them is a pain and besides, once you get to the point that you can make them, you will already be close to making the other vehicles.


Why would anyone bother making one when you can make better modes of transportation?


Tires are the biggest problem. Getting together all the stuff you need to make just one tire could take all day.




So why not have one spawn in were a player can grab it and ride away? :)

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I agree, can't run hardly at all with my controller. I will never survive dogs or wolves and I really WANT to play but it hurts my thumb so badly to run, I feel like it's sprained after only playing A17 for a few days.
I have the same problem why they had take toggle of I don't no hope they sort it
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Biggest thing I hope gets fixed in the way of RWG is the "Cliff Roads" Where you're just movin' along and suddenly you drop down, break your legs, and the zombies still know you're a living person despite your shuffling like them as you try to keep going. I'd play on Navezgame but I hate that map. It's too small for my liking.

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Hahahahaha, that must of felt soooooo good.


On a serious note, im with guppy. I am super excited for this change. Not sure if I will ever have the time but I want to recreate the walking dead geography and create custom questline that will recreate some of the conflicts in that story and then also create my own. :)


Check it out. =)





Where is my new map? You guys have had a full 5 days to create new maps. How long are your maps going to be in alpha? When is the release date of the next map? When can I get your map on console? Will your map run on my 386 with 4k of memory? Can I mod your map? Can you release the psd of your map before its out so I can mod the things I don't like about it? Can I see the release notes at least so I can read them while your map is downloading? Will your map fit in my recycle bin if I don't like it?


Here you go.






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now i tryed my 5y old pc with a17

system info:

win 10 pro

x64 based

Inter® core i5-2500K (currently not overclocked) CPU @3.30GHz, 3301 MHz , 4 cores, 4 logical protsessors

installed ram 8gb available 6gb

graphics amd radeon hd 6800 series 1gb


game settings:

res 1600x900

fullscreen - no

vsync off


video settings: https://prnt.sc/lmteuj


still playable. not the best but can be played. fps 25...45 , rarely drops below 15 even inside dungeon poi.

in my opinion, my bottleneck is graphics card. 1gb video memori is not enough.

i hope, it helps those with older pc's


edit: cool map Guppy :D

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