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Modding along nicely


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Mod name: new world order


Hey guys been doing some a16 mods

New electric system is brilliant I've pretty much come up with a nearly impenetrable base but that's another subject


I have already made higher power solar panels, generators added a rocket turret, plan to implement one or two of the test blocks from Dev mode I.e elevator and the large curve

I have also made solar panels and cells craftable by the player as well as the player vending machine

And a failed attempt to make a buildable car using the mini bike management system

So far all mods lack a icon so there just a blank slot in creative/ inventory

And my commercial sized 12000w generator is just the small generator for now

As well as new recipes, perks ect


That's what I have so far took some on the go learning and only broke the game just once so I must be very lucky or I'm picking it up fast


I'm still a long way from completing my full mod but it's all a work in progress any assistance would be excellent


Still to do

Inventory Icons for mods and icons for new perks.

Block art work for new generators and mod solar bank artwork to show little optimisers etc.

Add more perks.

Industry size steam powered turbine running off steam rather than fuel.

Boiler to generate steam for turbine using coal,gas or wood.

Inverter for solar panels to allow multiple solar panels to be inter connected for larger output (restricted to solar panels only) and a max output/input restriction.

Mod bricks creation in the forge to just bricks as an item then require sand, cement and water to make brick blocks.

Try to get car working and get to grips how that system works.

Mod turret artwork to show rocket launcher.

Sniper turret and art work.

Edit turret build requirements to 1x motion sensor, 1x weapon appropriate to turret type, forge steel, electronic parts, mechanical parts and possibly a car battery.

Ability to make weapon parts.

Lead ball Musket, most likely use the blunder buss as the artwork.

Barrett .50 cal (can only find the parts no making this beast).

Entity only rpg.

Add more vehicles, possibly the odd military/ navy vehicle.

Try to enable use of a pistol on the mini bike.

Add some events for long term players of my server which I shall manage.

Edit minibike protection bonus to 0 (it's a bike with no visible sign of protection atall) but if it causes any medium height fall to cause damage then may turn into a tweak).

Car protection will be same or less than minibike current bonus.

attempt to remove the world max span of 16 blocks.

Increase max range of wire when connecting from item to item.

Add a more decorative switch or 360degree motion sensor for in buildings.

Transformer maybe for transmission of power across large areas of map using an existing industrial block to keep block id down as heard after 2047 it reads 2048 as 0, if not the case then it'll be its own block.

Transmission wire relays with little/ less power loss (can only connect to transformer and each other).

And possibly more depending how this goes first

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To do Extension


Mod all lights to have a changeable bulb type that can fail, choices from, incandescent, low energy and led.


Code in all decorative lights to work on electricity.

Mod drawbridge to work on a remote electric switch.


Cctv for seeing who your letting in.


Edit elevator artwork to have a hydraulic ram so you can bring the thing down from the ground.


(Spoiler to a navy vehicle google hms hood)

Ww2 style artillery batteries for clan warfare on event on server (useage limmited to event via editing in and out ammo code).


Look into allowing the game to use more recourse from pc on server (game play uses just 80% of cpu 1 and less than 20% of other 3 cpus in cpu0, out of my twin quad 3ghz 1600fsb xenon, 128gb ddr2 powered server, dell t7400 with hand made case)


Large assembly line to build cars and other vehicles.


(Server) anyone wants a particular car or vehicle on my server only has to supply code and artwork

Plans for 67 mustang, today's mustang, Aston Martin DBS, evo10, bsa rocket 3 and bsa a10 super rocket in the pipeline each with different speeds and bonuses to its engine to bring to speed (these have to be found as parts).


(Server) larger custom built map comprising of islands for each of the 4 teams and a area where new players spawn and can choose a faction with its own rules to teleport to or try to go it alone in an already unforgiving world (majority of which shall be attempted to be created with random world generator)


(Server) sunken towns/ city's with better loot.


Wearable diving kit to extend time under water.

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  • 4 months later...

Hey guys been a while since I updated this

Not had much time to update on this as of late been rather busy and have a little one on the way


How ever I’ll be starting off again tinkering even more very soon

And also shall be doing a dedi server population test for my t7400 rig when I move out and have bt infinity two broadband :)


Again any moders programmers ect out there that can help with my mod creations would be excellent and shall be thanked in the thread dedicated to it as well as any pre made mods I’m am allowed to add into it and make a bundle out of it

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