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A16 - WindPower [SDX] - New power source


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Introducing a new way to power your base in 7D2D, Wind Power!



Thanks to the amazing C# coding of HAL9000, an idea I had for adapting the solarPanel class to read wind speed instead of light level has become reality. The SDX Mod "WindPower" is available here: https://github.com/7D2D/Mods


This mode allows you to place a windmill in the game and then use it like the other power sources in vanilla. The main difference is you do not (at this time) need to add any slot items to make it work (That may be added at a later date). It works based on windspeed.


If the wind is strong enough, the windmill will rotate and generate power once turned on. This threshold is configurable in windMill.xml, under MinSpeed.


The amount of power generated is determine by the setting WattsperMPH, so a setting of 5 would mean the windmill will output 5 watts for each mile per hour of wind speed in that area. So at a wind speed of 10, the windmill would produce 50 watts of power. This assumes the minimum speed is set to 10 or less.


The MaxSpeed does not need to be adjusted, its related to the rotation animation and doesn't effect gameplay so leave it alone. MaxPower is the same as in vanilla, and caps the windmills maximum output.


This mod requires SDX to install. iI you need help with that, I recommend you visit the tutorial website and follow the how to guide. I expect that eventually there will be other models released that will use this code; hopefully Pacco will make a few new ones to add to this one, which I made as a prototype for development and testing.


Note: Now compatible with dedicated server!



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Mod updated for compatibility with the dedicated server. Same mod for both client and server.


Known issues that do not effect gameplay, simply compromises to get working on Dedi:


1. Blades will continue to turn even after power is turned off.

2. Informational log entries regarding tileentiies not found, these clear themselves and do not show up as yellow or red in the log.


Thanks to HAL9000 for getting this to work on Dedi !!!!

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Maybe for A18. This needed as lot of custom code in A16, and might be easier in A18.


Thanks for the reply xyth. I know nothing of the coding for things such as this so I will take your word on it. I believe this would be a nice addition and since I only play modded in this game anymore it would be a welcome one at that. Here's looking to A18... After the streamers get it of course... :fencing::tsk::suspicious:

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