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Skyscraper (by Pille)


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Looks sweet! Guttertastic. :p

:02.47-tranquillity: To the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe of prefabs. Prost!


Lol, thanks guys.^^




Release of the beta is today or tomorrow. Have to write some text (install instructions and so on)... and I am still struggling with the vertices error. Found some tricks to avoid it though.

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Ok I've found more bugs (e.g. the game frequently ignores the RotationToFaceNorth) but at the moment I am unwilling to fix them or to search for workarounds because I need a break from the game or at least from this project^^.


Anyway, the version of the tower posted in the op should be usable. Please let me know if you encounter any problems not mentioned under 'known issues' (especially regarding the vertices error).


Release! Updated OP




Fixed the hayballs in the gamma labs. They aren't supposed to break your legs.^^


I've changed my mind. I am going to release a more stable version in a few days or hours (without the remaining instability issues).





Edit 2:

I've uploaded a much more stable version. This will be the last update for a while (unless someone founds serious problems). Ofc I recommend to use the updated version.



Changelog (22. April, second update):


- replaced instable lights

- fixed instabilities on the roof

- improved two sleeper volumes (this should improve the performance in the maze (bandit camp))

- maybe fixed: "Apparently the game ignores the RotationFaceToNorth property defined in the xml." (I think I used the wrong rwgmixer for my tests yesterday).


Now I can take my break. :D

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Thanks Andyjoki. I hope you will enjoy it.





If you're too lazy to search for the route to the roof or if you want to have a look at the prefab you may find this video helpful (SPOILER ALERT!):



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Went through it when you allowed me on the test server and the mazes are detailed and most excellent. Your platforming skills in the video above however? Eh... needs some work. JK, great build and I hope everyone downloads this for their server - It's more than worthy of entry into the vanilla game.

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To be honest, I cannot unreservedly recommend the prefab in its current state or to be exact, 7Days needs some more bug fixes and more optimization. Probably A17 will improve the situation... But thanks for advertising this over-sized phallus symbol. :)


Btw. the excellence of my platforming skills is beyond any doubt.

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I've updated the heli pack (Download link! Ofc its free to use and to mod.). One of these choppers will be used in a new collaborative project which I am working on together with my arch foe Top Minder ^^. The official Announcement will happen tomorrow. Stay tuned!


(First versions of civil helis)








- fixed: hull of new helicopters was asymmetric

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Added one more variant (probably the last one of this type) to the heli pack:





One more update for the heli pack.^^ I've tried to make the choppers smallers but the result looks quite ugly. It's not bad enough to throw away though. Perhaps I can find some improvements...






There's hidden interior but I was too lazy to furnish it. Maybe I should create a separate helicopter thread. lol

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Time to wrap up all my unfinished projects.^^



Bulldozer pack (includes 7 bulldozer (3 main types)) :





bulldozer3_v5 (the flagship :D ):





bulldozer2 (second attempt):





bulldozer1 (my first attempt to make a bulldozer^^):





It's not used in the current version of the skyscraper but in a collaborative project (TopMinder is involved again but this time we're working on a quite small and conventional building).

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Real life keeps me busy. However, I should have enough time to finish this 'goodbye a16 tank'.^^ Here is a first highly unfinished prototype. Btw. I haven't updated the tank pack yet...





First version is halfway done:





I am going to update the tank pack next week.

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Updated Tank Pack!


I've added two new tanks.






Btw. there will be a new more FPS friendly mini edition of the Skyscraper (soon®)...







One last version of this tank (with completely new interior):


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It's wasn't bad but the tracks looked quite ugly. I've found a better way ... Still not perfect but we've plenty of time before A17 drops, right?^^









Tank pack has been updated (just a new variation of 'tank1').






Draft of a crane.






Updated tank pack again (that's my biggest tank so far):







Updated tank pack again (added a bigger and overhauled version of the previous tank).





I think I should add some more tanks with rotated turrets...

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