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Skyscraper (by Pille)


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NP guys. I guess, there are more secrets to reveal. So let me know if you discover something interesting.:)



My new goal is to ask Pille a question BEFORE he answers it haha

Good luck with that. ;)



Looking nice. I hope we see more of your work very soon (no pressure^^).



My motivation is back. Therefore, it's time to continue the project. The plan is to finish one room per day.


26th building session (small unspectacular laboratory)



27th building session (another boring lab)




If you've any ideas for lab equipments, feel free to share them with me.

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I like how you think. Let me guess, bandit boss spawn once those are released by the pimps. :)


Man, that was too easy to guess. lol



That looks great!

Building it was a PITA though. ;) I'll be glad when it's over.



Need some ideas on how to deal with players (new traps and so on). Any suggestions? :-)




30th building session (Bandits' Hideout II (I'm trying to build a cosy place for my non-existing bandits, still not finished though)).




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Added a lot of details to the lobby (2 artworks (thanks Tom for the idea^^), new bookstore, security scanners and more) and tried to fix these horrible stability problems. Unfortunately, that's much harder than expected. I wasn't able to fix anything. lol



31th building session (Lobby IV & Structural Stability Issues):







Updated download link. Started to include the intended path to the roof (it's a maze-like prefab similar to the other skyscrapers). So the next versions reveal the path (spoiler alert ;) ).

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Man, that abstract sculpture is SUPER sexy. Nice creative idea right there. :) Will be an absolute treat to explore it when your done with it.


If you've fun exploring it, I did it wrong. ;) Looting the vanilla skyscrapers is like a walk in the park. I am trying to provide a slightly different experience. At least these damn low level scavengers shall die. ^^




Almost done with the Bandit Camp...


32th building session (Bandits' Hideout III (Bar and entrance))




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No, it's all in the chunk, but DJKRose (sp?) has a mod for it, and I believe Pille was looking into it as well.


Yep and I am still afraid of the upcoming changes in A17 and trying to avoid features that may require a lot of rework.^^

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34th building session (new tank, it's based on Horst's excellent Tank chassis but a bite more modified than the other tanks):






I am still working on other vehicles but they look quite ugly. Not sure if I am capable to make decent planes or choppers.

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