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Possible work around/ solution to MD5 error

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I had a different idea that didn't work. I have 3 hard drives. I made a entire game file copy to another hard drive. But both still have the same saves checking both even though one I played longer on. So my guess would be the cloud makes both the same saves for time. My only guess would be to save a extra copy to another hard drive. Then unplug that one while playing on another hard drive. That's one trick I didn't try yet. But maybe have to play offline though. Cause most likely the cloud would probably update a MD5 bug error from one hard drive to the other.

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Looked like the start of a MD5 bug if I stuck around any longer. The output boxes in the forge were missing and flickering. So backed out fast. Also been doing that trick by hitting start on 7dtd icon to bring up manage game and apps. Then hit A button on saved data tab of gamer tag. Then only delete console data only. Seems to work. Other then you lose maybe a couple minutes of game time played. But better then a base wipe. So far this happened a couple times. But all is good. Also get the occasional black screen dashboard maybe eachday I play this. Even more frequent with a friend playing.

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On 1/13/2019 at 5:51 PM, PlacidSwine234 said:

Just lost all my content, everything I bult and collected is gone. I tried the delete local and re download but still everything is gone. Is there any way my older game content could be loaded? How do I reach a human that works with the server?


I hate the fact that after a year of game play it crashes (like usual) but takes everything I built away! :(

If this is still an issue go to your setting in game and there's an option to allow distant object rendering, this gets rid of the fog and helps the framerate I did this about a year ago and I still have crashes occasionally but I haven't experienced an md5 glitch. Well no major one anyway, I had a single square reset and delete my junk storage for clothes I didnt need basically free trash service 

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On 26/9/2017 at 8:20 AM, Ozzabong said:
an Archangel said:
IT DOES NOT WORK. base still wiped.

what day were you on?? Its been working for me so far.. I do it after every single crash tho.

For me doesn't work either I been doing what you said since I start my game, im on day 180 and this is the 3rd time I lose my full base

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