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Tree and stone Bonus mats on Destroy


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The trees give wood when you chop them down as in A15,2


I try to balance the mod the way A15.2 is.


For example if a specific tree gives 500 wood when you harvest it and gives 250 (the half) when chopped down.

That's because they not only remove the extra wood you get when you chop down a tree but also the amount of wood harvested is nerfed.


Here is the mod (Tree and stone).

Stone gives bonus stone and metal and/or coal and/or potassium and/or lead

Take a backup of the blocks.xml in the data/config folder and then put the one in the rar there.


If i miss anything please let me know.

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Any chance you can share the values you changed? I want to merge this mod with another one I'm using, but I can't find what was changed for the life of me, plus the blocks xml has tons of lines to try and sift through and compare

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