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Yeah, that's bugging the hell out of me right now. I'm pretty sure you can circumvent it, but to do that requires too much extra work.


Does it bug you as much as needing a table saw for a set of stairs with a left handed railing, but not needing a table saw for a set of stairs with a right handed railing? If not, it f**king should, it annoys the ever loving crap out of me!

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Just because some legacy players don't like it doesn't mean it flopped. Its outselling A16 big time.


Playernumbers (overall compared to A16) down by up to 20% even though it was on three sales and in the humble bundle


Steam reviews from 86% (maybe 82% because ppl were pissed it took so long) down to initial 33% and now at a more or less stable <60%


Median playtime in the last two weeks from ~20hours (A16 random timeframe sorry only from mind I dont keep track) down to about 14-17 hours


And while I never watched streams or youtube videos, I have heard from others that streamers and youtubers changed their games because A17 has become to repetative and boring after a short while.



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