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Vedui's simple yet extraordinaire (not!) YouTube channel

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I miscounted when I tried this thing. I have 1 extra row of traps. I have to turn half of them off, or they just don't make it up the stupid



60 traps IS overkill. Who knew. Thanks for the idea.

(it's hilarious to watch too)

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Made a video covering all the different ammo types!


No zombies were killed as part of this testing. (They were already dead!)


✔️ Blunderbuss ammo!

✔️ Arrows and bolts. Stone - Iron - Steel - Flaming - Exploding!

✔️ 44 Magnum! Regular - Hollow Point - Armor Piercing!

✔️ 7.62 (marksman rifle) Standard - Hollow Point - Armor Piercing

✔️ Armor rating, armor piercing.

✔️ Multiple Zombie Pentration - 2 to 5!


✔️ Shotgun! Regular - Slugs - Breeching slugs!

✔️ Breeching slugs vs doors & safe!


✔️ Rockets! Frag and High Explosive!


✔️Lotsa destruction!


Even better, the shotgun slugs were just changed in the new update too, now are AP Slugs for the shotgun, awesome!

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