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Post your base previews and pics here


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I've come up with a new recipe...... i mean base.


So i thought I'd give you guys a peak into the base that the wife and i have been working on this past weekend. Feel free to post videos or pics of your bases because I'm running out of ideas and I'm sure that I'm not the only one. Doesn't matter how common you think your base design is, i can guarantee it's not. I thought everyone knew about the toothy, and i was dead wrong. Not to mention that some of you might have a small yet different take on a base design that could mean the difference between someone getting overrun on horde night and someone stomping zeds in their Airforce One's.


So without further delay, here is my latest base.


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Watched the video funk, nicely done! Would you recommend replacing the 50 pillars with your "wall" section? I have a 5x5 pit and at the bottom I use the pillars to keep things out.


I was thinking keeping the spikes and where the pillars are, use the ramps, then next block up use the poles every block up to 4 high.


Would there be an issue with the spikes being there?

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As long as you don't plan on jumping out of the sections where you are going to put the spikes it should still work fantastically.


Perfect. Wasn't sure if they actually walk on top of the log spikes and then the elevation would be off for the ramp and pole.


Just tired of the 50 pillars tbh.

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vertical electric fence base


My latest design that I've been pondering for a while. yet to be built in game since I haven't found a good place to build a new base.


Comments and tips appreciated!


Thinking process:


Electric fence - I'm really proud of this one. the maximum range for distance of the fence is 13 units, so I've place them vertically, one underground and one on second floor. that way, the fence posts are protected from melee and cop explosion. The videos online that I've seen only have the fence horizontally, exposing the fence poles.


50 pillar - I play with loot spawn off, so looting the corpses is essential. Also, I want to be in melee range of the Zs so that it feels challenging, since I have a chance to be hit from melee if I judge the distance wrong, and I'm in the firing line if I fail to repair the pillars in time and there's a breach.


Yes, 50 pillar is considered a cheese, but I it's more risky than standing on top of a wall and shooting arrows/guns from afar.


Reverse spike traps - passive damage


Dart trap - just on top of the front of the 50 pillars, where the Zs would be, facing down.


All activated by motion sensor, since plate sensor and trip wire can be destroyed by cop explosion.


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Once the toothy is built spikes are not needed,nor trenchs,or any other kind of defense.My wife and I have only had the occasional zombie that walked up the pile of dead inside.A fully upgraded toothy has never lost a block no matter if we got 4 screamers on hoard night which has happened when all 12 forges are running. Dogs can jump in if its not on flat ground.

The toothy can also withstand 4 hoard nights which can be acheived by fighting the hoard until it gets slow quiting the game so it saves.Loading another game(not 7D2D).Then load 7D2D again. The hoard will be reset.Repeat process till end of hoard night.



Hey Funkinstein nice build.

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