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Yeah, it's a lot of monies but it's the kind of flower pot that will look exactly like that in 1000 years. ;)


Kind of? https://www.hentschke-keramik.de/shop/pflanzgefaesse-rund/447/permakultur-pflanztopf-rund-form-315


We don't offer trans-atlantic shipping, though. The risk of breakage is too high if you can't fill an entire freight container (to properly secure the cargo) and few orders are in the range of 33m³ and up. (another reason why advertising here is silly =)


Man makes outrageous claim that his pots will last 1000 years; can't ship overseas because they could break :playful:

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What's that in American? ;-)


We got 2 typical builds für a single family house. In norther germany we got a 7 inches concrete stones inner layer, nearly the same insulation and a 4.5 inches outer layer of hard backed bricks.


Or we use a aerated concrete blocks ( is that the right word?) 17-20 inches thick, that does not need a additional insulation.


Sorry my technical english is bad ^^

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Lots of calculus involved (procedural generation)


There are quite a lot of devlogs.


The project failed though. The maker was too much of a perfectionist, spending too much time on specific systems. There is just so much time you can spend in a life...

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I think having too much riding personally on the project, being too attached to it, together with no outside "control" can make a project fail by itself. -> Overspending time on details without making progress overall.

I will then never be good enough. And something must be perfected first before continuing with other elements.

Its a spiral of perfectionism.


He should have release early versions to a larger (selected) group to get outside feedback. Just showing it to coworkers, fiends and family is likely not getting objective feedback.

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