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Hey Gazz. I heard from somewhere that your online store has gone live. What's that url again?



I didn't link it because it's unlikely to be very relevant here. But it's part of what I do so I guess it's actually on topic. Heh

This one was not designed by "professionals".

Yesterday I did some debugging and got rid of most (?) server, browser, and shop system bugs...



My amnesia has kicked in again....swear I had posts in here... :)

A bunch got deleted because people were literally talking ♥♥♥♥.

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Kind of? https://www.hentschke-keramik.de/shop/pflanzgefaesse-rund/447/permakultur-pflanztopf-rund-form-315


We don't offer trans-atlantic shipping, though. The risk of breakage is too high if you can't fill an entire freight container (to properly secure the cargo) and few orders are in the range of 33m³ and up. (another reason why advertising here is silly =)

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It's a different mindset. In the USA you have a decent chance to tear a hole into the wall of a house.

In Germany... you need serious tools and motivation for that.


You mean that you guys don't use chicken wire, foam board, and a thin layer of spray-on cement? Personally, I think the game should add a stucco building path that the chickens and the bunnies can pound their way through.


It would be cool if the flower pots in the game had your stamp on the side...:)

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Yeah! Product placement! LOL



Depending on make and age of the building you'll expect a 25-50cm brick wall.


Hey, we plaster faux brick/rock siding on the front of our stucco walls! It's practically like painting a texture on. Hmm, guess the game already has it covered.

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