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A15? - YaUI [HUD]


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Yes, the compass area is big, but as I mentioned I made it purely for testing purposes. Incidently, mostly around the compass ;)


I wont be tweaking this HUD, at all. However, the code is there, and its super super easy to revert the compass back to vanilla if you wanted the rest of the HUD itself.


With that said, stay tuned :)

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The stack up of the xp bar is pretty clever, but I gotta ask...


Why is the yauixpbar file all smushed up and then stretched back out in the xml?

What does globalopacitymod do? I understand the opacity part, but why such a small value?


A sprite has to be 116x80(px), no exceptions. Sucks, but you gotta work with what you have.


textures can be any size but cant be used like a sprite.

Because the default scale is 1.255 (zoomed in) and 1:1 px is a scale of 1.000, once you go below a certain size with default scale, detail is lost and generally looks.... bad.


globalopacitymod is just that, a opacity modifier. sprites (to me) still appear slightly transparent without it (when not using an associated image) so I prefer to set the modifier, and then control opacity via the alpha channel of an rgba value.


Now, I could have that usage wrong (someone correct me please if I do), but thats how it *appears* to myself. Im always learning new things, and have a couple tricks now which are expanded upon from what this one did (hence the testing purposes).

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