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[Game Suggestion] Buffs - Please at least read.


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I was sitting on the toilet thinking about different games out there and wondering if 7DTD will ever use some of the ideas these games had, Then I started thinking about the debuffs in game and was wondering about changing the effects the debuffs have or just adding a screen effect too them. 1.) Infected = Screen would have a slight blur and as you progress in infection the blurred screen gets worse. 2.) Broken Leg = Screen would sway back and forth as if limping from the broken leg. 3.) Stun = Screen would go black for half a second and then the screen would slowly come back in the shape of an eye. 4.) Diarrhea = Screen would point down as if grabbing stomach then would come back up again until buff is gone. 5.) Bleeding Out = Screen would have blood on it getting worse until the bleeding has stopped. 6.) Stamina Boost = Screen would have a view while running fast kind of like warp speed on starwars. 7.) Food Poisoning = Same as Diarrhea but with a green blur to screen. I figured these effects would make the game a bit more interesting and a bit harder for when your fighting a horde.
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