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Looking For Players - PS4 edition

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Add me to play


Hello everyone you can add me to play 7 days to die on PS4 I do have mic and I usually play with my fiancé and like survival and try to build forts and just move from each element my psn is ajanakiadou87.

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Looking for players with mics


I am a experienced player coming back from a few month break i have a mic and i am a hardcore player send me a message if you like to play


Marl85. Ps4

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PSN add me: cak-boi


Hi all,


NoBloodMoon requested I add in a sticky dedicated to finding players for Online Multiplayer games. Especially for new players who are looking for people to hang out with.


So this thread is for ye, share PSN names and get surviving!




Looking for players to survive or fight with online 7days PS4


Add me



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new, looking for players


Hey guys, I'm somewhat new to 7dtd but I have played it solo a bit.


Just like everyone else, I'm looking for people that I can play with online. I don't have anything against the occasional troll since I do often record my gameplay and would love to get on here with some people that don't mind a little mature humor. I work full time so I can only play in the evenings to late night on most days. I am based out of Mississippi so Eastern central timezone for me.


Also, while not required, a mic would be handy and be it a veteran or newb im happy to take in anyone willing to jump in.


I also use the Playstation messaging app if anyone uses that and am willing to take up other forms of communication that is more convenient to use. Just let me know what works best and I'll try to do the same.


PSN: Sevyrs Grius or just Sevyrs. not sure how it shows up on the search but I have a greenish dragon avatar.

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Need help? Or just wanna chill?


I'm in Colorado and mostly play afternoons and nights so mountain time zones might be best. PSN: MRHIGHGUY24

Feel free to add me or send a dm. I also have a mic so if u have one too it'll make things wayyyy easier. Hope to hear from someone

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Add Me


PSN: GoldPaper_


Any new players want to try surviving together?


I've only survived around 30 days on my single player map but It would be cool to hop on a map with some other players.


I have a mic and play daily.


I'll add some of you who posted ITT over the past few days as well.

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From the East Coast of the US, I have two players who would often be on the times of 1am to roughly 8am almost every night who are looking for some sort of bigger style community, but if not a smaller one we can help build would be nice. PVE obviously. :) PSN: Tchoopz.

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I'm on daily although I don't have anyone to play with


I'm on daily although I appear as offline I'm a veteran player that's made it to 450+ I have a mic although sometimes I go blank so if you wanna play be prepared XD psn/jackthekiller445 I'm in central timezone

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PSN:TheDeathOfRandom, I can play about 2 hours a day during the week. 5-5:30pm CST to 7-7:30pm. All day on weekends.


I prefer classic. And I prefer not playing alone. Have a Mic. Don't talk much though.


Host or join

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