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Looking For Players - PS4 edition

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Hi all,


NoBloodMoon requested I add in a sticky dedicated to finding players for Online Multiplayer games. Especially for new players who are looking for people to hang out with.


So this thread is for ye, share PSN names and get surviving!




Hello NoBloodMoon I'm SheFoxsGaming I am also looking for gamer but mostly girl gamers I have a youtube channel with 11 sub and all 11 people that watch my video are fans of 7 days to die i also really love the game as well I am looking to make really great friend that know how to play the game so there is a pretty good chance that if you add me i will be recording a video but I dont record the whole time i also have a different PSN gamer tag it is HES_ALL_MINE and i dont record on it anymore so you can add me on there if you dont want to be recorded i know im lame for writing all of this sorry


Name: Tyressa

Age: 23

PSN: SheFoxsGaming


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Co-op opportunities


Hey everyone! Fairly new player here; picked it up in the January sale. Been playing for about a week solo but looking to play with others for something different and new tips. GMT but fairly flexible on time zones, have mic to use apart from early hours.

PSN: AndrewKetley

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looking to play with others


hello i am new to this kinda of game and looking to meet other players just got the game mature adult ... eastern time zone of the usa ... will be on for few hours tonite add me on playstation 4 sourgang1bix3rd plz have a mic .. as i said new to this willing to learn .... dont mind joining world or make a new one just want to play with someone who has patience and understand i am new ...

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