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War of the Walkers Mod (Overhaul)

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I want to say THANK YOU for all your hard work you put into bringing the mod to A17. It's by far one of my most favorite mods and was REALLY happy you updated it. I appreciate your hard work keep it up. :)

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I just downloaded the latest master.zip...but it's 1.9gb vs the previous version 649mb?? Was there THAT much more added to the latest version or is that unintended?


The difference looks to be the inclusion of UMATextures as it was causing issues for some that didn't have it, if you did have issues the console would open and show lines of red text, I didn't get that even on 6.0.0/6.0.1.

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Dwall has V6.0.1 on the main page so please allow me to post the update notes he posted on Discord from yesterday:



War of the Walkers V6.0.2 Beta Update Released! Github has been updated!


Update Notes 7-14-2019

-Fixed Cobblestones not being locked by perk

-Fixed MOD Crops don't give player xp when harvested

-Fixed 4X4 not locked by perk

-Fixed NEED/HAVE reversed in ingredient header

-Added UMA Textures to mod download

-Fixed Ice Pickaxe hand position

-Fixed Medical Piles missing localization

-Fixed Iron Shovel using Stone Shovel icon

-Changed Price for Car Battery

-Fixed Snow Ball Icon

-Changed Scholar Class Quest Requirements (SORRY THIS WILL CAUSE YOU TO LOSE YOUR SCHOLAR QUEST LINE. Speek to a server admin or go in creative menu with dev mode and search admin to find the paper to givethe quest back to you)

-Fixed White Meat Pie takes red meat instead of white

-Fixed Player Oven recipes not being craftable

-Fixed Iron Claw Hammer and Scrap Iron Hammer do not upgrade with Scrap Iron and Rivets and Wood and Nails

-Fixed Tungsten Forge Input Window now has 3 slots

-Changed increased several stack sizes

-Added New Horn to 4X4

-Added New Horn to Gyrocoptor

-Fixed MOD Food not showing stats

-Fixed X-Large Storage Container description localization

-Fixed Iron Club not locked by perk

-Fixed birdnest jumping back one block after every growth period

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Will these updates be pushed to the mod launcher?


Yes, repository is on GH.


If you use the launcher with 'Refresh Mods Automatically' (ticked by default) you'll get any available update, press Esc in game to pause and see the version of the mod you're currently playing on - bottom left-hand side.

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Yes, repository is on GH.


If you use the launcher with 'Refresh Mods Automatically' (ticked by default) you'll get any available update, press Esc in game to pause and see the version of the mod you're currently playing on - bottom left-hand side.



Edit: Ok was just confused because when I refreshed the mod it still said 6.0.0 but I just checked in game and it is indeed 6.0.2. so everything is good.



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Hi there can some one help me i downloaded the mod tried playing but always gets stuck at loading block textures before it goes to menu. but on mod launcher it says no script or path and something to do with cant find SDX. Please someone help me iv been trying for a while if you have the time i would appreciate the mod looks really fun

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try reinstall the mod fresh, no other mods, run an integrity check in Steam or a fresh reinstall of game, and get the mod directly from https://github.com/dwallorde/War-of-the-Walkers-Mod-V6.0.0-Beta SDX mentions are when you run an SDX mod, are not important. Usually this big mods take a little longer to load. I have another dozen mods that run with WOW with no problems.


Hi i have re installed 7 days to die and deleted the mod only ever over mod i downloaded was the socery mod but never used so i have deleted that. I have reinstalled the mod launcher to. And i downloaded the mod manually and through the mod launcher itself. But every time it stops at the loading textures and i wait alittle but then i press the mouse and it says the game has crashed i will try the mod directly from where you have told me and i will see if this works if it doesnt i will reply back and explain my situation. Thank you for your help im very grateful

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Hi guys,


I've just installed the latest version of this mod, however i can't invite friends to my game once i'm playing. I can't bring up the steam overlay to invite friends to server, I used the 7dtd mod launcer to install the mod.

Do i have to install the mod elsewhere?



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You'll have to download the mod from the link Dwall posted as that's the full mod, what you see in the launcher is for servers has been there for a bit and doesn't include all the files. If you still see War of the Walkers Client its NOT the one you want.


Here's the URL (629 MB download): https://github.com/dwallorde/War-of-the-Walkers-Mod-V6.0.0-Beta/archive/master.zip


Ensure your 7 Days To Die game files are totally vanilla, verify them in Steam, then copy the game folder then rename ie 'WotW 6.0.0 Beta'. From the ZIP you've just downloaded, open and drop the two folders (Data and Mods) into 'WotW 6.0.0 Beta'


Does the mod require the folder be renamed? I've rented a dedicated server, and the support staff there were kind enough to install the mod for me, but can't support me beyond that.


My friend and I use the mod launcher to launch the game, and we get the modified Game Menu screen for the mod, as well as the UI changes such as for the radar, health, food, thirstiness, etc.


But none of the overhaul content seems to be there. No new skills or recipes, no new items or enemies. Could that be caused by not having renamed the folder to WotW 6.0.0 Beta'? I'm not sure what folder would require that name on a dedicated server. If it would be helpful I could post a screen shot of the server directory tree.

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War of the Walkers V6.0.3 Beta Update Released! Github has been updated!


*Due note due to some of the changes in the beta update their is a chance that player levels and progression may break and reset to level 1 after update. In this update is admin papers to grant users player levels, experience or skill points. Those can be used on effected players if you do not want to restart your game


Update Notes 7-17-2019:

-Changed Workbench recipe now requires Scrap Iron Wrench and Scrap Iron Hammer

-Changed Improved loot for Munition Box

-Fixed Snowball missing icon (2nd Time...Worked this time)

-Fixed Bird Nest Tree Upgrade Rate

-Fixed Wood blocks not requiring Wood and Nails to upgrade

-Changed Steel Sickle player level requirement

-Fixed Duplicate Machete recipe

-Changed Machete name to Iron Machete and now is repaired with Forged Iron

-Fixed Missing Near Death Buff Icon

-Fixed Charismatic Nature Buff Missing Icon

-Changed Reworked Mechanic Questline (Will Restart current questline)

-Fixed Player Oven White Meat Pie recipe requiring Red Meat

-Changed Player Level Requirements for Steel and Tungsten Hunting Knife Recipe Perk

-Changed Cook Class Questline Reworked (Will Restart current questline)

-Changed Covert Class Part 3 is now has a crafting requirement rather than a fetch/gather requirement

-Changed Decreased Desert Eagle Drop Chance

-Changed Decreased Desert Eagle Damage (Still needs work)

-Added Admin Papers for granting players Experience, Skill Points and Player Levels (Search creative menu with dev mode on "Admin" to see all admin tools or speak to a server admin)

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Awesome Mod Dwallorde !!! I was waiting for the A17 version of this to drop for so long. Best mod out there for this game, hands down. Unfortunately you have now wrecked me since I can no longer play on a Vanilla server. For all the time you spend on this as well as keeping it updated I Salute you Sir !!. Much Respect from Vancouver.

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