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Subquake's Undead Legacy


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Refined the visual representation of search results as well as perfected the backend code of search, now it will update results on inventory change event, meaning that when you move around items in your inventory, move them to and from containers, pick stuff up from the ground, it will update the search results and highlighted items.



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Crafting recipes now support item durability consumption for recipe ingredients.


In the above example it costs 5 Gasoline in the recipe to craft the item and it will reduce durability of gasoline cans when queued up. If a gasoline can is consumed while it's added to the crafting queue, it will be exchanged to an empty item, in this instance an empty jerry can.


If you cancel the queue, it will fill the gasoline cans back up and use empty jerry cans as well, if no fillable items are in inventory when canceling queue, the stuff will spill on the floor (figuratively speaking) and you won't get them back.


This change brings me one step closer to some other nicer features planned in the future :)

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Another post, another feature, another day without release... And so it goes. Does anyone accept bets if Sub gonna finish this before A18? I'd bet some...


He'd be a fool to release it prior to a18 when it's this close... so no, I think it'll come out after he reconverts his stuff to a18.

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hey ,, iam still playing alpha 16 as i do not like 17 and... it is very strange that i never know where to find titanium ore except trader!!!

is there titanium ore under surface

You can't find titanium ore through digging, it was intentionally left as a find/trade item to make it more challenging to get as an end game, rare resource :)
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Optimized the torch models particles!


Test parameters:

CPU - Ryzen 7 2700X

GPU - GTX 1080TI

Default FPS (no torches): 60


Vanilla torch x32 - average 40FPS (from default 60FPS)



Vanilla torch x100 - 12.5FPS average (from default 60FPS):



Vanilla torch x200 - 8FPS average (from default 60FPS):



Optimized torch x100 - 55 FPS average (from default 60FPS):



Optimized torch x200 - average 37FPS (from default 60FPS)




New torch has a 600% performance increase.

Edited by Subquake (see edit history)
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Amazing work on the new torches Subquake over the weekend on the particle effects! :triumphant:


Can only dream of using this many torches :tickled_pink: Something that TFP should address as it causes BIG drops in framerates as you've demonstrated - been an issue since forever. Maybe @unholyjoe could look into testing this.

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