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Please read before posting in the multiplayer forum


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Hello Survivalists,


We are trying to get things organized and could really use your help to make less work for the mod team in moving threads around. Thanks for reading this before posting if that is why you are here.


When posting in this section please use the following guidelines:


If you are posting in order to seek players or advertise your multiplayer game then please do that in the subforum for your platform. Posts like "Looking for XB1 players" should be posted in the Xbox subforum. Posts such as "Hardcore PS4 server" should be posted in the Playstation subforum.


If you have general questions or comments regarding multiplayer then those should be posted here in the general multiplayer forum even if they only concern one or the other console. Just make sure people know which one you are talking about.


If you are posting to report multiplayer related bugs then you are in the wrong section. Please go to the Console Bug Reporting Forum to report the bugs.


Thanks in advance. I hope players can find each other to play in the subforums and that the community can all gripe together about the current multiplayer limitations and dream together about the possibility of dedicated servers in the future right here in this one. :)



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