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early Base defenses


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I heard several mentions of some sort of "automated turrets" making it into the game at some point. I do hope they may be more like end game content. What i would really love is some sort of MG-nest that needs to be manned. For the time beeing, before you can get to the "high tech super defenses". The items for it could only spawn in army camps, so you would have to go out and explore and find the better hardware there. Would also make sense that only the army has the better type of weapons. On a sidenote: i would love to find more and better hardware in army camps in general. For example also silencers for the weapons. Or blueprints/guides on how to create homemade silencers. Those should only last few shots, but it would still be way nicer than the current noisy guns. Back to the MGs: They should only work in a stationary way, and it should take some time to set the MG-nests up. So that this sort of weapon would only be useful for base defenses, or if you have a long time to set up a defense somewhere in an outpost. So a weapon that cannot be used for normal zombie hunting, but that complete purpose would be to defend a base or outpost - yet also only when manned and used by a player. Later when there are vehicles, there could also be some army jeeps, that have one of those mounted, but even that would not need to be neccessary. I would just love a better way to defens the bases. I love building above ground, so some way to fend of the hordes would be quite welcome ;) I also somewhat like the idea of a manned defense more, than some automated turret.
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