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True Survival


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I assumed it was intended to be a more dangerous version of the pig otherwise whats the point of having a separate model? It's fine if it won't attack on sight, but it should at least run away. Currently it acts like a friendly pig in a petting zoo. You can walk right up to it and smash it in the head with ZERO danger. If i hear one make its grunting noise nearby i immediately run around looking for my free lunch.

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a few more - in blocks:

- upgraded playerbrick uses a wood texture like cementforms instead of a brick texture (7 is the vanilla one)

- the player-built barricades (blocks 1683-1687) are almost impossible to target/interact with, so they basically can't be upgraded/destroyed, and I suspect they'll be very hard to damage by zombies too? but they collide with movement just fine - currently OP?


in recipes:

- brickFrameStairs25 shouldn't call for bricks at all, since it's upgraded with bricks after

- playerBrickArrowSlitHalf should call for bricks instead of cobblestones (or be changed to an upgradeable frame too, since it's the only outlier and has no icon due to coming as upgraded)

- concretearrowslithalf should be changed to pouredConcreteArrowSlitHalf and need 10 cementMix, not 20

- concreteSupport should be changed to pouredConcreteSupport, the recipe to 10 cementMix and 5 planks, crafted at the workbench with a handsaw etc like the block above

- scrapIronCTRpole should call for 15 scrapIron and 3 nutAndBolt, not planks


- plus, lots of recipes (many scrap iron frames, some woodframes, some cementforms, etc) are not made at the workbenches with the proper tools, and unlocked from the start, they need to be added to the progression file so they're properly locked behind their skills (if you start a new game you can catch them all). It's mostly the section in recipes that's directly above insulator.

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Hay peps I'm working on a update to fix all the reported bugs. I hope to have it out tomorrow so if you have any more bugs post them before then. Thanks for all the feed back.


Just wanted to say I bought this game specifically so I could play this mod, this is my zombie survival wet dream right here. It feels like the non ♥♥♥♥ty aspects of Wurm added to the engine, not sure where your inspiration comes from...maybe you are just creative AF.


I am looking forward to the update, and keep up the good work.

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By the look of things Games4Kickz will stream True Survival this evening. Head over to twitter and vote on his poll to ensure that TS gets the stream spot.


And make sure to tune in on twitch at 22 U.K. Time to witness the struggle. Last time was hilarious, but he was unprepared then...what will happen this time?

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there is to much to look through to ask and without a PM I will probably miss it, how much strain will this put on the game? Got a decent rig but the setting have to be turned down more and more as they make new versions. Used to play on max now default, still have shuttering with 100FPS+


If you use any mod that increases hub size, you'll get microstutter. This mod plays just fine on SP. yet to crank my settings back up after lowering a bit for older versions mind.

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Bug Patch:


Fixed Vitamin Buff icon


Fixed “molds” and “tools” item dropping in loot


Tables and other furniture can no long float


Lowered spawning of Poisonous Animals


Old Metal Chair now gives scrap iron and pipes instead of wood items


Raised Snake Health


Fixed Scavenged Parts Crafting Skill


Changed Book Icon


Changed Chips icon


Added Halbert and Wild Beans Icons


Updated Scuba Gears description information


Fixed Starter Quest not completing


Tinted Fruit Juice red


Added Fireman Axe recipe


Fixed floating plants


Fixed Grain and Protein Servings going in and coming out of the food Prep Table


Adjusted recipes on Food Prep Table


Fixed Katina’s Power Swing and Skill text


Fixed Sunflower Growing


Fixed not being able to walk through some plants


Fixed Wood Log repair and what it drops


Fixed Player Brick textures


Fixed Skill Papers Icon


Added description on Skill Papers


Removed the 3 Barricade recipes


Fixed brick Frame Stairs 25 recipe


Fixed player Brick Arrow Slit Half recipe


Fixed scrap Iron CTR pole recipe


And more things I cant remember.

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@ obsidianmcbovril-

I was updating the server sorry. It should be up now.


@Wolves Hero-

You learn planks after you finish your Learning to build with wood Quest. You can make planks on the player and on the workbench more efficiently.



Screwdriver is made in the Blast Furnaces, I'll fix the description.

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In the "Learning to build with wood" quest: Step one is to get a claw hammer, step two is to use the hammer to collect 1000 planks from wood blocks in the world. Step three then asks you to use those 1000 planks to build 100 wood frames. The problem i am seeing is that while collecting the 1000 planks you do not get anywhere near enough nails to build the 100 frames. I collected 1000 planks and only ended up with about 50 of the 500 nails the next step requires. Would it be possible to increase the nail drop rate a bit from those wood blocks or is it intended that players be level 15 with access to a forge/anvil and the purchased nail recipe before realistically doing this series? Since the final quest reward is the recipes for nails and planks that doesn't seem correct but the current nail drop rate is WAY low compared to the planks.


One final note for people starting this quest chain: the last quest in the chain has you place and upgrade the 100 frames you built. This will require an additional 1000 planks. So when you are out hammering away to get the raw materials, keep going until you hit 2000 planks and 500 nails so you have enough to finish all the following quests.

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