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@Spider Making great progress. I love this mod. I have gotten the Z-Virus and I have been looking all over for what an "AntiViral" means. Antibiotics don't work & none of my searching seems to be able to tell me. Any help would be appreciated.

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31 minutes ago, Vastlee said:

@Spider Making great progress. I love this mod. I have gotten the Z-Virus and I have been looking all over for what an "AntiViral" means. Antibiotics don't work & none of my searching seems to be able to tell me. Any help would be appreciated.

Oh yeah, and do you have a Discord?

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Mod Update -

-Fixed Cactus harvest to be affected by Farmer and Gardener bonuses
-Fixed Charismatic Nature to stay constant on the player with the perk but need refreshing every 6 min if receiving from aoe
-Changed Placeable Vehicles descriptions to include their repair material
-Updated Drying Rack categories
-Fixed Junk Rubber items descriptions
-Added Schematic for Farmplot, found in loot
-Locked Farmplot recipe
-Added Schematic for Molotov Cocktail found in loot
-Locked Molotov Cocktail recipe
-Fixed reported spelling errors
-Fixed Building Skills descriptions
-Fixed repeatable workbench quest text
-Fixed Hunting Skill descriptions
-Removed Insecticide schematic from loot, it is now only known by Farmers and Gardeners
-Fixed Building skills that were not unlocking Shape Block recipes
-Changed Juice recipes made on player to be 15, campfire is still 10
-Rebalanced the Professions for A20, update front post professions to current
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-------------------------------------- Mod Update --------------------------------------

-Fixed Burn hand bandaged icons

-Removed the ability for Vultures to grab and bite you

-Fixed Junk Circuit items descriptions

-Fixed Improvised and Tool renaming for descriptions

-Fixed reported spelling errors

-Removed the player starting cooler from starting items received

-Increased Refrigerators inventory size from 6x6 to 7x7

-Removed Wire Stripers recipe

-Sever update

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--------------------------------- Mod Update -------------------------------------

-Edited vanilla Journal entries to be accurate with True Survival

-Added more TS Journal entries

-Fixed Antivenom not always healing Snake Bite Limp

-Fixed Left and Right Arm Splinted and Cast icons

-Added the ability for all vomit to cause burns

-Increased damage Vomit does to Steel

-Added Police Baton and Crow Bar descriptions

-Made Old Rifles and Pistols scrap to weapon parts

-Added mod warning

-Added Magolis Community Combo Pack to mod for a awesome new rwg experience

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--------------------------------------- Mod Update ----------------------------------

-Fixed torch wall holder that Combo Pack is using

-Fixed Satellite Radio icon

-Fixed bug in Laceration injuries making a laceration not heal correctly

-Fixed Sewing kit to properly decrease the time you have until Medical Infection when used to sew up lacerations

-Fixed Dead is Dead reset not removing Fatigue debuff

-Fixed Dead is Dead reset causing Bandaged Lacerations to jump to Dirty Laceration Bandages

-Fixed Anitviral meds stats display

-Fixed Bad Diet and Vitamin Deficiency descriptions

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Posted (edited)

I need help, i tried several times to download the mod using default browser and several browser and still got the same issue, at first it will download fast then when it hits 100mb it will fail, please help, want to play your mod, my internet speed is over 100mbs download and 29mbs upload, also tried using mod launcher still the same issue, is there any other way i can download your mod?

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------------------------------ Mod Update ---------------------------------

-Fixed Trash Can to be retrievable with Crowbar for Cement Mixer recipe

-Lowered the amount of Leather harvested from world blocks

-Added Weapon Repair Kits to needed items to repair Turrets

-Fixed Steel Forge fire bug, block placement around it is a little of, un avoidable unfortunately to fix the fire issue

-Fixed Electronic Workbench upgrade items

-Added Exhausted buff when your max stamina reaches 40 that tells you to rest or sleep

-Fixed Concussion description

-Lowered the delay between Dead is Dead usage to 15min

-Fixed My Foot! Hud message to properly say the correct body part

-Added Zombie Bite resistance to armor pieces, info is in their descriptions

-Made Red Hot Pipes cool back into Pipes after a while

-Lowered Scavenged Parts drop amount in loot

-Fixed Pipe Gun Workbench Quest rewards

-Added alternative recipe for Leather on Drying Rack with Salt

-Fixed Blender icon


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------------------------------ Mod Update ---------------------------------
-Fixed Trash Can Crowbar drop item
-Fixed tracking buffs to only say no tracks if there is no hunting skill currently tracking something
-Fixed Yucca Fruits description
-Fixed all Hunting Skill descriptions
-Fixed all reported spelling errors


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----------------------------------- Mod Update -------------------------------------------
-Added ChangeLog text file for history of updates
-Added True Survival build number in ChangLog and onto the Logo
-Fixed and updated all locked recipes to show all unlocking methods
-Fixed the crafting menu categories on all crafting items so they show up in the proper places
-Changed Orange Trees to only be plantable on soil not Farm Plots
-Added new Log Cabin block that can be built early game with no tools or specialized materials
-Fixed Z-Virus infection buffs to state the proper name
-Removed the ability to sale mods at the Traders
-Added new Chainmail Armor Mod that does +4% Zombie bite resistance, +2% Noisier, -1% Mobility, +1 Armor Rating. You can have up to 5 installed.
-Added Schematic for Chainmail and put in loot, Added recipe on Forge
-Fixed Doors upgrading
-Fixed grunting when using the Wrench
-Changed item found in loot to be Needle, it can be used for Suture Kits and crafted into a Sewing Needle
-Added missing Schematic and Perk for Roll Up Doors, Found in loot.
-Fixed some descriptions using Medical Bandage name instead of First Aid Bandage
-Fixed Coolers description
-Fixed Turret Repair Kit name
-Removed Ratchet, Nail Gun and Impact Driver Schematics from loot, items found in loot only
-Added Vitamin recipe to loot
-Added missing Motorcycle recipe to Mechanic Profession
-Added missing All Frame Shapes to Wood Building lv2
-Added new Tutorial to the beginning of the game to help get new players up to speed better
-Changed the workbench upgrading quest to require only placing the workbench note craft it to help un clutter the recipe list from the start
-Fixed Iron Sledge needed to make Iron Sledge Head Mold
-Removed all unused campaign items from crafting recipes to declutter
-Moved Crossbows to the Advanced Workbench
-Fixed error stopping items from being crafted on workbenches

-Added Research Desk recipe for reverse engineering Iron and Steel Bars and Pipes

-Blueberries to show Dysentery Stat

-Updated buff descriptions to tell you if you are losing Wellness

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--------------------------------------------------- Mod Update -------------------------------------------------------------
-Added slowing effect to walking on gore

-Fixed Healthy Diet Tutorial quest not completing correctly

-Fixed Workbench upgrading tools descriptions to explain how to use them

-Fixed all reported spelling errors

-Added missing Meat Pies, Glazed Meat, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Sham Chowder, Can Sham recipes to the Chef profession

-Fixed Farm Plot perk name

-Removed old A19 Good and Healthy Meal recipe perks

-Added all building tools crafting to the Advanced Workbench

-Fixed lv4 Cloth Chest crafting

-Removed Jar Water in recipes for Ounces

-Activated the lockable inventory slots in the player backpack and vehicles 

-Updated to 20.5

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I'm having an issue with bandages.  I had a would, cleansed it, waited for it to dry and not says I need a bandage.  I've tried a first aid bandage and a plain bandage and both tell me they are not needed at this time.  Is there another type of bandage that maybe I haven't found yet?  I had the same issue in my last game so I restarted.  Now it's happening in this one.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Posted (edited)

---------------------------------------------------- Mod Update -----------------------------------------

5/30/2022 A20.5 Build# 1.02
-Updated Sphereii’s Score
-Updated to CP48.1
-Restart Required 
-Added 5 new decorative bushes to Forest, Desert and Snow biomes
-New bushes are just for looks and drop Sticks and possible Fresh Lumber
-Added Blueberries to grow wild in the snow biome
-Updated all dead tree/logs textures size and hitboxes
-Added Coconut Trees to Desert biome
-Coconut Trees have a chance for Coconuts when chopped down and also fallen Coconuts can be around them on the ground
-Added Mutated Beans to grow wild in the Wastelands
-Mutated functionality yet to be determined 
-Fixed upgrading to Steel Blocks to use proper materials
-Changed Campfire available crafting recipes, moved more advanced recipes to Oven
-Added New Oven cooking workstation that will cook everything the Campfire cooks and more advanced foods
-At Player Level 15 you will get a fetch quest to unlock the recipe to build a Oven Repair Kit
-Added New Kitchen cooking workstation that will make large beneficial end game meals with variations that have unique buffs and much more
-Added 2 new endgame non nutritious foods Ice Cream and Coconut Cheesecake
-Ice Cream will give a 20 min buff that decreases your player temp by 10, +40 Max Stamina
-Coconut Cheesecake will give a 20 min buff that increases your player temp by 10, +40 Max Health
-At Player Lv 30 you will get a fetch quest for the Kitchen Crafting Guide
-The Kitchen will sort and store ingredients used in cooking
-Kitchen Ingredients -Fruit, Veggies, Grain, Protein, Herbs, Condiments, Sauces, Spicy, Drugs, Water and Cans 

  • -Added new cooking Condiments- Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, Pico de gallo
  • -Added new cooking Sauces- BBQ, Marinara, Hollandaise, Fruit Glaze
  • -Added new cooking Spicy- Chillies, Texas Pete, Sriracha, Hot Sauce
  • -Added new cooking Herb- Garlic

-Added new one, Two, Three and Four Course Meals crafted on the Kitchen
-Added a Nutritious, Spicy and Laced variation to each meal
-Nutritious Meals give more nutrition
-Spicy Meals give a 20 min buff that increases players temp by 10, increases mobility by 10% and stops Fatigue increase.
-Laced Meals give a 20 min buff that gives +2 Stamina per second, stops Fatigue increase, cures and protects against Concussions, Stuns and the Fatigued debuff 
-Added ability for Crowbar to pick up Microwaves, Burning Barrels, Barbed Fence
-Changed the Improvised Campfire workstations to be able to be picked up when destroyed and replaced
-Changed all starting building blocks to be frames that must be upgraded except Log Cabin Blocks
-Removed ability to sale Frames to Traders
-Removed Eggplant as a plant from the mod
-Added Tomatoes, Onions, Coconuts and Chillies as new crops
-Changed Crops to be biome specific. Mushrooms unchanged(any surface no light)

  • Forest- Chrysanthemum, Goldenrod, Pumpkin, Corn, Potato, Carrot, Tomato, Onio
  • Desert- Chillies, Aloe, Coffee, Yucca, Coconut, 
  • Snow- Blueberries 
  • Forest and Desert- Wheat, Cotton, Hops, Orange

-Fixed bug where Good Diet was not falling off until you got Bad Diet
-Changed Doctor Profession to heal wound 50% faster
-Changed Medic Hobby to heal wound 25% faster
-Added Trader Journal Note to the notes the player gets at the start of the game
-Fixed Pneumonia name, description, icon
-Think I fixed the repeating quest sound some were experiencing 
-Fixed Snake Bite descriptions to show all effects
-Changed Trader quest to need 10 to advance to the next level
-Changed Trader Rep to only be able to be gained from doing the highest tier quest available from that trader
-Changed each trader's rep  skill to go to 50. So to get the best stuff from that trader you will need to complete level 5 quests
-Decreased the thirst increase on burns by 30%
-Added new feature to gore
-Changed melee weapons to be saleable to traders
-Increased block damage from vomit
-Removed the ability for vomit to give you Zvirus
-Fixed Vomit to give burn injuries
-Added Snake Bite resistance to armor
-Removed vanilla perk buffs on eyewear
-Fixed Steel Axe Crafting Guide icon
-Changed icon for vanilla book perks to be something less distinguishable 
-Added new food item Fruit Jam
-Added new drink item Coconut Milk has opposite effect of Red Tea
-Added new item Vinegar 
-Fixed all reported spelling errors
-Increased player dropped bag inventory so not to lose any materials if full
-Removed the ability to buy some action skills
-Added all new food recipes to Cook profession
-Added Oven Repair Kit recipe to Electrician profession 
-Added all new seed to Farmer profession
-Added Fruit Jam recipe to Cook Hobby 
-Added Onio, Tomato to Gardener Hobby
-Added Drone Morale Buster perk
-Fixed bug that was not awarding the recipes for the first stage of building skills if unlocked by a profession
-Fixed Lantern books description
-Moved up receiving the Storyline Quest chain in the Tutorial
-Fixed players getting the Carving Knife quest before placing Improvised Workstation
-Fixed repairing forge recipe
-Added TS added melee weapon crafting to the Improvised Workstation

Edited by Spider (see edit history)
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--------------------------------------------------  Mod Update  ----------------------------------------------------


-Fixed new crops growing stages and names

-Fixed Seed Recipe Books not showing learned

-Fixed Orange Tree harvest amounts and Farmer/Gardener amounts 

-Fixed Coconut Tree harvest amounts and Farmer/Gardener amounts 

-Fixed Simple Frames to be picked up

-Fixed Diet Tutorial Quest not completing(for real this time i swear)

-Decreased the time of the slowing effect of gore 

-Fixed Blueberry scrap item

-Fixed Oven Repair Kit fixing Ovens

-Fixed Trader Rep not increasing  

-Fixed reported spelling errors

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Posted (edited)

----------------------------------------- Mod Update ----------------------------------------------
Build #1.04

-Added chance for Nuts and Bolt to drop from blocks that drop Iron Sheet Metal

-Added the ability for Ovens, Microwave, Collapsed Generator, Battery Bank and Solar Bank to be picked up using a Crowbar

-Added Fan Belt drop chance to more vehicles

-Changed Barbed Wire Fence to slow more, last longer and hurt less

-Removed Orange Seed drops from Orange Trees

-Fixed Simple Wood Frames pickup

-Fixed Malnourished Description

-Lengthened the Dead is Dead reset buff to hopefully help with clearing if there are hiccups respawning

-Fixed Laceration Right Leg, Arm and Foot not clearing on Dead is Dead

-Increased Trader buff range to help with trader rep

-Re Hid the Trader Rep Buff

-Removed tool belt messages for Medical Infections

-Fixed Vitamins giving Wellness when they should not

-Changed Wellness gain to not work if you have a Medical Infection

-Fixed items spoiling to Moldy Sandwich

-Changed Mushrooms and Grubs to not scrap to meat

-Removed Screwdriver Mold

-Fixed Iron and Steel Sheet Metal scrapping

-Fixed new crop names

-Fixed Simple Frames names

-Fixed Machine Gun Action skill leveling quickly after Dead is Dead

-Fixed Building skills descriptions to show actual needed xp for lv 2

-Removed Screwdriver Mold and Large Bed recipes

-Edited Watering Can and Barbed Fence recipe

-Added Screwdriver crafting to Advanced Workstations

-Changed Seeds sold at traders to new seeds

-Updated TS Logo


Edited by Spider (see edit history)
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Posted (edited)

------------------------------ Update #1.05 ------------------------------

Build #1.05

-Added Sticky Sap to pine tree drops

-Fixed Microwave pickup with Crowbar

-Changed Profession, Hobbies and Trait Books to spoil quickly.

-Fixed Dead Rat scrap amount

-Changed all apparel and clothing mods recipes to be crafted on the Workbench

-Changed Awning Shapes recipes to the Workbench

-Updated TS Logo

Edited by Spider (see edit history)
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A few things...

1. The storyline doesn't progress after I get the bugout bag. I put batteries in the walkie and nothing happens.  It says I've completed 1 storyline part2, but it doesn't advance me to the next piece of the storyline. 

2. I failed one the the workbench quests.  Is there a way to try this quest again?  **EDIT - I figured out that I needed to make new pages to start these quests again.

3. Also, is it safe to assume that recipes for the condiments are coming?  As of now, some appear to serve no purpose but I'm guessing that's a work in progress. 


Thanks for all your work on this awesome mod!

Edited by shady_mel (see edit history)
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  • 3 weeks later...
Posted (edited)

---------------------------- Update #1.06 -------------------------------------
Build #1.06
-Update Breaks Saves - Requires New Game
-Fixed Chilies growth stages
-Fixed vanilla crops growing stage using up fertilizer
-Fixed Twin Bed pickup with crowbar
-Fixed Destroyed Solar Banks to allow Solar Cells to have a chance to be harvested using a Screwdriver
-Added crafting icons for all added workstations
-Fixed Painkillers, Steroids, Stimulants to break down to Drugs in the Kitchen workstation
-Fixed Motherload to level to 5 properly 
-Fixed Burn injuries to show proper stats in description
-Fixed weapon parts descriptions
-Fixed weapons to have proper repair item listed in description
-Fixed Double Barrel Shotgun Parts name
-Fixed reported spelling errors
-Added note to Sticks to let the player know(if they bother to read)that sticks cannot be used as weapons
-Added Solar Cell recipe to Electrician Workbenches
-Added Solar Cell recipe to the Electrician Profession as a unique recipe 
-Fixed the reward amount offered by Traders
-Think I fixed Traders not offering quest
-Added recipe to turn Empty Cans into Scrap Metal
-Added recipe to turn Rosemary into Plant Fibers
-Added recipe to get Honeycomb from Serving of Honey
-Fixed 3 and 4 Course Meals recipes
-Fixed tools recipes all being on lv1 Advanced Workstation
-Sorted all the POI’s in the POI Compo Pack. Keeping all POI’s that that are in line with the challenge level and immersion of the True Survival Mod

-Updated TS Logo


#1 - The Storyline quest is turned off for now until I can get it all to work in A20. After you get your Bug Out Bag that's it for now.

#2 - The Research Desk can be used to craft quest starting items if you need to redo a mod quest

#3 - The Condiments are used in the Kitchen workstation to make 1,2,3 and 4 Course Meals and their variations

Sorry I took so long to get back to you I don't really check here for post. If you have any more questions, need to report a bug or just want to know what's coming you can check out the True Survival Discord, that's where everyone is most active.

Edited by Spider (see edit history)
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I was looking forward to tying this mod however;


despite attempting to download from girhub as well as 7daystodiemods 

and also attempting on a second computer, we keep gettig some kind of archive error, that makes it impossible to unzip. Even tried using both winrar and winzip


Is there a way I can get the mod not zipped, i don't know if anyone is having this problem but ai just need a way to download the mod.

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