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True Survival


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Hello there guys! I've got an off-topic question:

How to disable followers spawning? I understand I have to remove a few lines in a certain xml file. Could anyone please spend a minute and tell me which file to edit and which lines to remove?


Edit: their random shots always jumpscare me

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Hey Spider,

Just wanted to share my thoughts on A17 and what I would love to see in TS:


- Great job increasing difficulty(feels like they copied ts)

- New weapons system sucks, looting guns after day 10 looses all point

- Vehicle diversity did not really change much for me, dont see it as much of an improvement due to it still being just transport, nothing more

- Some great new POI's, altho still havent encountered any of the skyscrappers from previous versions, I loved those

- Weapon attachments are ok, but recipies gotta be permanent, single use is retarded. Very sour about helmet light attachement not working

- Game became a zombie shooter, by day 20 i was running around with 3 fully modded SMG's and 5k bullets (max difficulty), desperatley trying to find a reason to keep playing.

- Some great new challenges

TS A17

- Skill system and level progression was very good in TS16.2, opening all professions and maxing skills felt rewarding, altho some skills were ridiculous to level, like hunting (could use a tweak)

- One too many gun parts - remember having tonns of frames from one pistol while other parts from another, 1 pistol and 1 magnum or DE would be better.

- I would like more rewarding quests, ive maxed out the skill in A17 and it was still not worth it doing them, too much time for rarley anything good (not that you need anything by the time you hit level 50)

- Bosses?

- Traps are getting pointless at later stages of the game, when you have multiple radiated ferals attacking at the same time blade traps get broken in an instant, dart traps do ♥♥♥♥ all, electric fence is the only usefull one. Turrets with shotguns are crap, smg are a bit better but they blow through bullets wihtout much impact. Think turrets would be better off with low rate of fire but very high damage (sniper rifle which only does headshots?)

- grease/sliding surfaces! for fall traps etc

- cant remember exactly the wondering hordes, but in A17 i got hit by a wondering horde of dogs and football players on day 3! If that is controllable I would suggest tying difficulty of those to player level or at least days survived. In A17 after level 120 POI's would end up with half of the mobs feral/radiated which is good



Cant seem to think of anything else at the moment, but all in all, meaningful level/skill progression and ability to make a defendable late game base would be a great start

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@litomaster -

Thanks for the feed back and suggestions.


Current Test Server Status-

Server has the frame work of a progression system

Zombie HP have been adjusted X10

All weapon head damage has been increased

Building Progression system added - building quest/locked recipes/new drop items from world blocks/new recipes

All other recipes are unlocked for now


Things I could use some community brain power on-


Perks you would like in game and suggested gating if you think it should have one


TS A17 Weapons-

Ok I have dug my fingers into this new weapon code and understand its workings now so its time to fix it. Apart from the terrible idea of dropping weapon parts(Bad Pimps..sham!) its actually internally pretty nice. First off TS will have non quality gun parts in loot that you will combine to make a gun. Like A16 but without the ability for the quality of the weapon part to effect the final gun or to take them back apart. So question one is how many weapon parts per gun and what should they be called? Should I just pull the parts, names and icons from A16 or should we try something else? As far as the gun stat/mod stat system I'm open to suggestions. I would like it more based on reality so base damage on the rounds and no bonus damage for more mods, maybe more mod slots available on lower quality weapons?

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Regarding Perkz and Gating:

I think Professions should determine what Recipes you have at your disposal, although i have different

professions in mind. e.g. soldier who can handle weapons, isnt really gonna be able to make weapons, but

a mechanic is.

meaning: Professions need each other (mechanic + soldier e.g.) and

Professions are divided into "usage" and "crafting". (doctor + bio-engineer, mechanic + soldier, builder + architect, etc.)


for s.p./self-sufficient reasons you can choose 2 Professions at start, and some kind of extra trait/hobby/personality type of perk.


While i think fighting zombies should make you better at fighting zombies, for game mechanic simplicity reasons, i would

also argue, that you become more "experienced" and thus should be able to learn new Professions with more experience.

And then a questline will reward you with the professions recipes / skillz.

Meaning you COULD become a mechanic, becuz you have fought a lot of zombies to reach the lvl/xp, but you would also

need some mechanic-questline to fullfill.


also: zombie xp down(maybe by x0.5), first time crafting xp up(slightly, maybe x1.15). Hopefully resulting in less aggressive

Playerstyle to be forced onto players.


Im not sure about general stats like Stamina/Health/Run speed/Regen/etc. , but also not really against just skilling them on lvl ups.


Regarding Guns:


I think that 3 Parts for lower Tier guns(Pistol, Crossbow, smg), 4 Parts for higher Tier guns(sniper,ak47,shotgun) would be fine.

Base DMG on rounds is good imo, but then you need at least 3+ Ammo Types and tie them to higher tier ressources or to more ressources,

with increasing DMG.

Ideally Mods add meaning(visually and gameplay wise, but thats a ♥♥♥♥load of work xD). So at first approach, the system you have described for perkz should work in that regard here, too. The rest is already in: Mag size, scopes, silencers, etc.



that are my 2 cents :)

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Exalant post. Great ideas.


I could make the professions buyable but cost like 20 points and require lv 40-50 or something. The Profession Perk would unlock a 2nd profession quest to get the skills and stats. I like it.


I like the idea of a starting choice of Sp/MP for you Profession Choices. Good idea.


Agree on the balancing of xp from killing to everything else


Right now i have attack speed, stamina use and dismemberment off melee weapon skills. 10 levels each 3 % stat increase per level.

And reload speed, aiming speed, weapon handling and dismemberment off firearm weapon skills. 10 levels each 3 % stat increase per level.

Plus Archery has range increase per lv.


I was planing on rising and lowering the max health and stamina with food/drink and maybe time alive. I want to bring back a Hunger stat by its self independent of Stamina. Injuries and death would lower max health and stamina.


Weapon ideas sound good too i like the 3 tiers of ammo idea, it should make progression feel better too.

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Maybe for the perk/skill point system one branch could be mutations. The post-apocalyptic world with underlying radiation levels may cause these. Similar to your earlier idea - random perks occur, or bonus perks but at low frequency. Natural heat resistance, or faster healing, mutated muscles so strength goes up. So not so much as 'buying' perks like Vanilla but building a story of your characters evolution...


In playing your current update I found a mod for my helmet that purifies water as I drink it, and I suddenly realized that opportunities abound when it comes to mod for equipment.


Re guns - maybe have the parts findable, but have many different weapons to build therefore making the range of parts more spread out in loot. Sure you ca find 20 gun parts, but they may be each for a different weapon. A colt 45 and some other pistol may have similar stats, but which one you have depends on the parts you find.

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Regarding perks and skills

I would very much like to see a progression system similar to the one in "Undead Legacy" mod: leveing up tool quality requires skill points and levels instead of hours of grind, so you could grind less and actually play the game more. (who likes crafting tens and tens of plant fiber hats for hours anyway?)

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In A17 crafting quality is a player stat not an item stat. So there is no crafting to improve quality anymore. If you go back a page you can see the perks and skills. Some increase crafting quality and you will increase a few levels from quest at set player levels.

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Hey Spider I have a thought. Considering mods for clothes can increase ability for encumbrance, maybe use it for Backpacks. So a mod that attaches to your shirt can act like different sized Backpacks. Different mods have different sizes. Small sizes easily found e.g satchel. Large BP's rare e.g Hiking Pack. Dunno if it is possible to add an extra slot in the character screen maybe so it doesn't have to be attached to a clothing item... but rather be a slot of its own together with clothing?

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Yes I plan on using clothes/backpacks to decrease backpack encumbrance. I would like to lock the unused slots like MM had in his video over the summer before they made this system. And then let the player find better backpacks to unlock more slots. I haven't been able to find any xml to lock them yet so it might be hardcoded and if so I will have to wait to mess with it until 17 is stable. If I cant lock them then I may re work the encumbrance to be in every slot but like 4 at the start and then let the player find/craft more carrying room. If this is the system I go with encumbrance would be severally nerfed since it will effect almost all slots. Maybe there could be other negative effects than just being slow like easier to sprain a foot or leg, or maybe if you are over encumbered too much too long you could get a bad back or something. So something more interesting than just slowing you down.

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Hi Spider, I assume you want us to let you know of any bugs?

- Seems 5th Lvl quality tools not working - I had a hunting knife that couldn't harvest, then bought an axe but had no option for mods. Not sure if this is a vanilla issue

- cant upgrade wood frames as per your TS quest - hammer, nailgun etc dont have effect

-Wood panels/planks have metal properties

-how to improve crafting quality?



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Ok peps I have had a change of mind. I was changing the mod around to make it work with a quest/story line system I am designing but that system will depend on TFP fixing and balancing somethings in A17 like rwg and some others. But because this is not my first alpha I know better than to count on any of that happening in a timely manner.


So instead of building a new untested mod around this new untested quest line I will build the new quest line onto the 16.2 mod. That being said the new plan is to update the 16.2 True Survival Mod to work in A17. After that I can make changes using some of the new ideas that have been shared. I know one change from the start is the simpler building progression, I already have it coded and I think it will have better "game play" than the old one where you had to use a select tool to get the mats from a block.



So change your track of thought and let me know of anything in 16.2 True Survival that needs improvement/fixing before it goes into A17.

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I have Action Skills working Blunt, Blade, Unarmed, Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles and so on. They gain xp by breaking blocks if a tool and by hitting or killing zombies/animals if a weapon. The player will get a choice of Professions(Perks) at the start of the game but after that I am still unsure. Ill do it one of two ways. One- As you level you will unlock a choice of quest at set player levels and completing the quest will grant new Perks/Finding Books in loot that teach specific Perks. Or Two- set up a bunch of perks and let the player buy them with skill points as they level. I'm leaning toward the first but not sure.

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So change your track of thought and let me know of anything in 16.2 True Survival that needs improvement/fixing before it goes into A17.


Im not sure what where you are heading but it sounds interesting. I loved 16.2 TS, but for improvements I would suggest more balance:

- Nailed bats would be a guarantee to survival once you find one, maybe they should tone down a bit. I never needed a gun once I had a nailed bat

- Loot had variety but much of the stuff didnt have use unless to scrap. Suggest more complicated recipes and to make junk loot more worthwhile

- Good diet was a great concept, but you became 'The Flash' once you got it. Maybe turn it down a little. The Flash with a Nailed Bat made things quite easy.

- More moulds - for sense of realism. Couldnt accept how an engine block could be made without one

- Puker damage quite brutal. Was OK if I was dumb enough to take them on face to face (as the Bat wielding Flash), but when they clipped through blocks they can spot you an spit through the blocks, making hiding useless.

- sharpening stones should be used to repair axes and pickaxes rather than iron pipes.

- Make steel tools rare in loot as it takes a while to reach and make your own.


I havent been keeping a mental list about this or anything while I played 16.2 :)

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