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Current high demand Pimp Dreams (Constant W.I.P)


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It would be nice to see

Actual spiders that are infected









An actual water pump system with pipes that need to be linked up to a sink to get water.

A radar system to open the entire map - craftable at mid to late game.

Vehicle music

Easier xml file like Alpha16 was.

Extra xml files for other entities, blocks and items which don’t really go with the game just for fun such as dinosaurs which we could just copy and paste in to game files.

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Looking for some help with this.

We have a 7 day horde

I want an eighth day horde as well containing only dogs bears and vultures

Then a ninth day horde containing all feral. I want them to still get harder each time and follow the game stage rules.

Any help let me know thanks

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-Better sound options would be great, the zombie will be 30-40 feet away but it sounds like it's an inch away from your face, that and the grunts and sounds coming from the player character are blasting compared to the SFX of everything else.


-Dying from dehydration should be a gradual life loss instead of dying on a dime instantly.


-Have a 24 hour cycle clock so you could match game time to real time.


-Rideable lawnmower (mentioned this in an old post, not sure if any such thing was ever considered)


-Be able to loot zombies again, one of the first things I noticed coming back was zombies have no loot and you can't harvest them for meat or bones, at least from what I first saw.


-Change the sound effect of when an item is done crafting back to the original one, I made a bunch of the cloth items for the intro quest and I was like "Whoa whoa whoa.. who's shooting at me!?" it sounds like a sniper taking pop shots at you constantly.


-Be able to loot cotton and the other plants/crops easily with the pick up button again, feels too slow now swinging your axe at every little thing.


-A sort button for inventory and chests.


-Zombies shouldn't be able to climb ladders but in a dog pile be able to climb each other.


-Food and water meter drain way too fast to be realistic, maybe implement a body fat/muscle ratio mechanic and meter.


-Dust particles in the flashlight follow the player around currently, just looks strange.


-Tools degrade way too fast, I realize I'm using Lvl 1 items but still, I'm repairing 30 times a minute here.

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what I would like to see is: 1 propensity q and e to look around corners. 2 the opportunity to take the character in the 1 unit or crawl. 3 led in the first person ( I think it's cool ). This is purely my opinion, just offering ideas

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First off, I am a huge fan of the game and have been since I started playing in alpha 13. I’ve logged almost 600 hours now into the game and gotten 10 or more of my own friends and family hooked on the game. My sister even does a 7DTD Twitch stream now every Saturday at 7:00 as NanukNanuk, where I play as DJ Danger Dan, the mixer of a wasteland radio station, broadcasting to all of Navazgane with a walkie talkie duct taped to a radio tower. I write a script, come up with Navazgane conspiracy theories, compile set lists, trivia, commercials for game items, and so forth. That’s how much I love this game and want everyone else to love it.


Needless to say, I was extremely excited for A17 and spent the entire year getting everyone I knew aboard the hype train. I am mostly happy with how it turned out. As it stands, the game is very good, but as any player would, we just want to see the game be even better. So, from our large weekly group, here are a few of the most common suggestions.


• Remove magazines entirely. Nobody every uses them for anything but a quick sell at the trader. They would be much better replaced with rare secret recipes for late game prestige items or useful recipes that can also be unlocked to give early players a head start.


• Make it easier to see food and water without checking stats. Nothing is more immersion breaking than treating your character like a car, checking oil and coolant levels when you stop for gas.


• Give the blunderbuss a reason to exist. Even in Alpha 16, the blunderbuss was always trumped by a good bow or club because it has a lower dps than a bow and a shorter range than a club. Now, with guns being far easier to find, I can’t even think of a reason to have a creatable blunderbuss.


• Bring back looting zombies. In alpha 16, we got addicted to scavenging the remains of corpses after horde night, and what we miss now more than ever is the clothing drops. Simple clothing like jeans and t-shirts seem nearly impossible to find now. Removing zombie gore pile loot containers was a good move to reduce memory, but the zombie loot bag drops should be more common and should have tiers, higher difficulty enemies like pukers and white zombies dropping better stuff and lower tiers dropping lesser. That way, players would be more rewarded for living in areas with more dangerous enemies.


• Bring back item quality. There was nothing more disappointing than the realization that my level 5 club did just as much damage as the level 1 club, when the only trade-off was how often I had to repair it. Having only a few quality tiers is a fantastic way to save memory, but the 6 tiers should at least be distinct in actual item stats, incentivizing players to seek out better quality items and make them feel more accomplished having finally obtained them.


• Bring back action-based skill leveling. It makes sense to deposit skill points to prevent players from repetitively grinding to achieve higher stats in certain things, but it is extremely immersion breaking. The two should be used side-by side. A player’s use of a certain skill should provide the passive bonuses of certain perks ex: +5% block damage, +5% reload speed, -5% running stamina etc. These things make an experience player feel like an experience player. The skill points can be spent on active effects ex: +1 quest reward, +10% chance to dismember, +6 item slots. These things let a player personalize their experience with a uniquely and strategically spec’d stat tree, linking special abilities for powerful combinations.


• Some mods make absolutely no sense. I love the idea of stacking crazy mods to make a normal item both unique and powerful, but there is a lot wrong with a lot of them.


• Dyes should not be removable. When has anyone taken the color of their favorite shirt and put it on a different shirt? Make the colors permanent, perhaps showing a preview of the item first, and then also make colors creatable so teams can show their pride more easily. That’s what colors are for.

• The sawed off shotgun mod should also not be removable. It should also be applied to a shotgun at any time on a workbench.

• Barbed wire mod should only be regular barbed wire put in the mod slot.

• Spikes mod should only be regular nails put in the mod slot.

• There are many more.


• Mod recipes should be reusable or different mod recipes should become creatable at higher levels. There is no reason that they should be consumed other than to make them more rare, but if you just want to make them more rare, save the memory and make it so they can’t be crafted and increase drop chance slightly to make up for it.


• Disassemble into components. With a high enough level intellect, a player should have the option to scrap an item into more than 1 of its base materials.


• Zombies should be able to attack hatches while on ladders. For too long have we exploited this one simple mechanic. It makes an impenetrable base as easy as a ladder and a hatch. It would be much more challenging if we were either forced to break the ladders up before a horde night or spend resources on a creatable retractable ladder.


• Creepy ambient music at night. During our big games, I have DJ Danger Dan take nights off and instead I play creepy ambient soundtracks from other games like Amnesia and Levels of Fear. Everyone has unanimously LOVED the vibe that it gives night-time, especially with the impressive new lighting.


• Revisit gore blocks. For one short patch, zombies would decompose into piles of gore that stacked up, giving hordes of zombies a way to reach elevated defenses by climbing over the piled remains of their cohorts. I believe the reason this was taken out was because the gore blocks didn't look right especially when sitting on top of a hexahedron and not an octohedron voxel. With new designers, it may be worth considering a revisit.


Anyway, that's the whole list so far. I hope at least some of it is original ideas. I and all of my friends really love this game, so on behalf of all of us, thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication to what can only be described as a zombie survival masterpiece in the making.


P.S. I save my entire script and various playlists for the DJ Danger Dan character, and would love to share it with you if you ever consider adding some sort of wasteland DJ to the game.

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*Expanding on XML abilities

- Allowing item entities to spawn other entities (example: Pressure plates that when stepped on will allow a zombie or animal to spawn)



Expanding on the modding capacity of quests through xml would be superb.


  1. ability to define custom variables within quests, especially objective types.
  2. make the character stats more accessible to quests (km/miles travelled, zombie kills, player deaths, player kills, etc).
  3. a quest creation tool would be so helpful, something like the Prefab builder but one designed to help layout a quest and all its needed variables in order to function.

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I love most of these ideas, especialy fishing and farming animals, i think there should be more crafting recipes too though, like for example why cant i craft empty cans? or store oil in glass jars? like i can manufacture a flawless assault rifle on a workbench but i cant turn a lil scrap metal into a soup can? lol

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Currently working on a list of some of the higher demanding Pimp Dreams that gamers would like to see introduced into the game that can be looked at by The Fun Pimps.


Current list is as follows


Skills and Abilities



- Include the ability to Fish

(Crafting of required tools, Ability to catch and harvest Fish, Forge for bait)


*Animal Traps

- Include the ability to craft and place traps that over time will catch animals which we can harvest

(See below for a list of Farm Animals, Birds can be captured for Harvest of Feathers and Wild Eggs)



- Include the ability to raise or capture Farm style animals using feed (Corn, Seeds, vegetables)

(Chickens, rabbits, Pigs)

- Ability for Farm Style Animals to breed to produce offspring which grow to harvest-able adults.

- Other types of farm animals to be used for Farming lifestyles

(Goats, Lamb, Cows - Eat grass, Harvest Milk, Harvested for Meat, etc)

(Bees - For harvest of Honey, medical research for curing disease and illness. etc)


- More plants and Abilities to harvest all grow-able plants to be planted.

(Any plant that grows, the ability to harvest them and plant them)


Game Mechanics


*Signs and Notes

- Ability to write messages on a plank of Wood or on paper, etc. (Example: Pen and Paper Style, Carved in Wood, Spray Paint)


*Draw bridges

- Draw bridges, next to fishing, seems to be one the greatest ideas players seem to think would be beneficial to the game.



- Players go to sleep for different time lengths to regenerate health, help cure illness, "Cover up" to help warm up. etc


Weapons and Tools


*Tools to better remove larger amounts of grass or harvesting plants and/or seeds.

*More accessory and types for weapons




- Wider variety of Zombies

(Water logged Zombies, Cave lurkers, Postman Zombies and many other styles with loot that match their type.)

**EXAMPLES: Water logged Zombies - Bottle of Murky/Disgusting Water | Postman Zombies - Paper, books, schematics, etc



- More mineral types


Add me to the pile of fans who support these features being added to the game in due course of time, but allow me to expand on a couple for ya.


Fishing - To go with a fishing mechanic, boats of various types to float over bodies of water, plus a good reason to use boats; hostile swimming mobs such as zombie piranhas and sharks and yes, waterlogged zombies.


Tools to better harvest grass - A scythe would be perfect for something easy-ish to craft in early-ish game, and then later you can construct a weed whacker and maybe even a fully motorised lawnmower.

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tools to better harvest grass - A scythe would be perfect for something easy-ish to craft in early-ish game, and then later you can construct a weed whacker and maybe even a fully motorised lawnmower.


A riding lawnmower would be awesome and hilarious if you could run over crawling zombies. Maybe harvest planted crops. Works as a vehicle you can use to travel with too. Same speed as the minibike?

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Idea for Alpha 19:


1.) Spring loaded trap doors that throw zombies just a few blocks, that have to be reset before activating again. Damage should be minor but knocks them down and maybe they could be used on ceilings and walls for funny rag-dolling!


2.) Horn mods for vehicles as a cosmetic (like dyes) for vehicles. Horns should agro zombies in the same block area as the land claim block area setting.


3.) For PvP mostly, being able to booby-trap safes with electricity, fire or explosives would make B&E rewarding for the home owner instead when they fail to pick the lock!


4.) Random wandering zombie hordes sprouting out of the ground that destroys landscape blocks that impede escape.


5.) Introducing "The Haunt Zombie" that spawns randomly who's instantly agro'd on you when things have been quiet for awhile away from home base, adventuring, exploring and just plain old driving around. It's like horde night with one zombie that just won't leave you alone when you need a moment to unwind, especially when you've just cleared a POI and your guard is down.


6.) Simple light colors of red, blue, green and yellow for electricity to differentiate between camera setting of friendlies and foes.


7.) Create a rake tool that destroys grass, collects stones and levels terrain in a 3x3 square area like the roller in the paint option. Nerf it down to the damage of a stone shovel for attacking zombies.


8.) Trip-wire trap: used for impeding zombies following you by knocking them down once each way but not repeatedly. Could be used in PvP to knock down foes but not friendlies. No damage should be taken other than simple falling damage that's super low. Can be used at the shin level or the neck level for different rag doll effects. Could be an added feature of the existing trip-wires.

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Updates of ideas (see edit history)
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This is from my post

link here https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?126184-A-Mix-Of-everything


feel free to take some ideas idk




makeshift stove


more animals Like Bison , Black bears , Wolverines , Bighorn Sheep , moose , Cows/bulls and Pronghorns


melee weapons that you can Find or Craft with blueprints like.


Cleavers: Do more limb damage.

Nightstick: better than club and doses more Sneak damage.

Katana: Very rare but very Good.

Crowbars: Heavy weapon and it can break doors and safes faster. ,

Steel Knuckles: Better than Brass. ,

Pitchfork: a Spear that allows you harvest more Fiber and More Bleed. ,

Boxing Gloves: low damage but very high KO Chance. ,


And Makeshift weapons that you need to find Blueprints like


Iron and Steel maces

Makeshifts Swords

Battleaxes(the blade version of the sledgehammer)

Iron and Steel Gauntlets?


new Guns like.

Desert Eagles ,

44 rifle(Lever action Rifle)

M16 ,



Grenade launcher



MakeShift Weapons that you buy or Make with Blueprints like


The Junk Rifle" a Air powered That shoots Scrap iron"

Dart Rifle "A heavy Weapon that Shoots through zombies but its Loud"

Flamethrower" need i say more"

Blunderbuster "Imagine 4 Blunderbuss Tide Together uses four Ammo but it's one shot but its very powerful.


weapon and Armor Mods will become visible?


more cars you can find to Scrap like Trucks , Vans , jeeps , cop cars Etc


a List of New Zombies Link here




More Equipment like Thermit , Throwing Knifes , Spike Bombs , Bait , Alarm Bomb?


more clothes and armor like. football Gear , Swat Armor , Police BDU shorts and Hat , Prisoner Jumpsuit, Gasmake , armored Hazmat suit , Reinforced Leather and Scrap and Plastic armor.



new traps like a Fire trap , Flinger trap , tesla Trap , Alarm Trap , and many others?



some skills you can learn by doing?


Thanks for Reading this I know its long but what to know everyones opinion. lol

others here again feel free to take ideas





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