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Current high demand Pimp Dreams (Constant W.I.P)

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  • 3 weeks later...

- Hello. These are the features that could be added to the game.


>Creating a clan lobby not only by sending a friend request. Clan members could have access to all chests or the possibility to set a new base/claiming the territory etc. Assigning ranks like clan leader, member.


>Teleporting to a clan member. A feature that would be similar to spawning on the bed after the sudden death. This system only would work if both clan members are not being attacked for the last 15-30 sec by zombies or other hostile players within proximity of 150m.


>Pinging system in addition to marking directions on the map. The feature that would enable players to spot (by pressing "Q") or set directions visible in the game, not only on compass similar to already existing (!) that show the direction to the missions.


- WEAPONS OVERHAUL. 4 new weapons and a multi-tool!


>>>Right now blunderbuss and pistol can be found as first-tier weapons during the early minutes of the game. 


>AR-15 - 7.62mm
How about adding a nerfed civil version of AR-15 weapon with 15-20 round mag size rifle, single fire mode only? This rifle could be found in the early game and mods might enable full auto or burst fire mods, 30 or 40, drum 50 mag size? Plus heavy/long barrel and proper stock might be modified. That would send players right off grinding to the desert/snow/radiated zone.
I bet all my money that players would love such a weapon that is essentially progressively upgraded. From weakling day one to badass gun just by magic of visiting a few places...


>Heavy Sniper Rifle cal.50 
Right now it feels like in-game there is 1 bolt action rifle (Hunting rifle) plus 2 DMRs. It's nothing wrong but the addition of a kickass bolt action sniper rifle cal.50 that takes some more time to shoot in between shots and take some time to reload would be desirable. Zombified and their parts might be decimated completely by such weapon. Situated only in radiated/burnt biome or as a reward at tier 5 missions. 


>New Pistolero 9mm
Slightly better pistol but not really. The pistol with better damage/stats but instead of 14 only 10 rounds in mag compared to 9mm. Found mostly in more demanding biomes.


>New Shredding SMG 9mm
Low DPS (armor penetration). Relatively low damage but granting a stun to weaker as well as radiated (more buffed) zombies, a fast-firing
1000 RPM (round per minute) weapon with 40 plus mag.


>Combat shotgun or long double barrel
This shotgun would have a better range than the current shotgun with 8 round mag. Or add guys some classy long double-barrel shotgun besides shorty... easy to implement with the existing shorty mechanics.

That would be enough of a variety of weapons at least for me and I would be truly happy and satisfied.




>Diamond Blade Wall Cutter/Slotter/Diamond Chainsaw
Used for cutting narrow grooves in walls made of hard materials. Wall cutters are equipped with a pair of the abrasive disc(s). The tool can be used for busting through metal doors or safes as well as walls. Cutting through timber etc. All in wonder tool with replaceable cutting discs. 
Best at busting metal objects, far less effective in cutting/busting thick walls or extracting resources so would not outshine other tools. Effective rotating disc against zombies and other opponents.


It would be nice to have any red dot or holo 1x scope customizable in a separate options menu. Size of the dot, the color, and the intensity of the glare in scope, so we would not be bound only with one crappy red dot scope and undesirable effects.


>It would be nice to apply 1x, 2x, 3.4x, 4x, 6x, 7x, 8x scopes with a distinguishable look while in zoom mode, etc. Right now no matter what magnification, every scope looks the same while in zoom mode.


>It would be nice to have any other variety new 1x scope except for red dot-like holo scope etc.




> Currently we do have as weapon mods; foregrip, extended mag, drum mag, auto/burst fire mod, scopes, zombie neutralizing radiation mod, suppressor, etc. 


>Foregrip should improve only hip-fire or auto fire accuracy and not necessarily long-range accuracy... but right now buffs long-range weapon damage efficiency as any other (my sweet God) existing mod :<... which leaves a mixed feelings on my side. The only heavy barrel should add to weapon damage and range, please! Mag size, the scope should not affect the weapon damage xD.


>In addition to that might be added heavy/long barrel that would improve effective range as well as damage.


>Upgraded weapon stock might be added to any weapons or to be found/purchased at traders after finishing missions, gaining reputation, etc.



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It's cool to see some things mentioned in this thread we now have, like functioning garage doors.


It's sad to see this thread has not been updated in... a year+?


Damn, it bothers me that so many players want to help and share their ideas for free but end up just getting ignored. It's honestly rude af.

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