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Medieval Guard Tower by Laz Man

Laz Man

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Last checked compatible version: Alpha 16.3


Hello Survivors,


Looking to add some medieval flair to your random gen worlds? Look no further and enlist in the King's army where you can watch over the countryside in style! Enjoy!!! :)




- 12 x Peep Holes

- 1 x Campfire

- 1 x Horse Tie and Trough (Bonus Hay Bales for your Steed!)

- 1 x Outhouse

- 100 x medieval baddassery








Change Log:


v1.0 (01/16/16) - Initial Release


v1.1 (11/04/17) - Converted and updated to work with Alpha 16.3


V1.1 Download Link (RWG installation instructions included):



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" now on.... To the castle ! "


- - - Updated - - -


hey i got one quick make for ya - you can make pits. animal traps really but like in the forest hidden by bushes - goes down into spikes - just for added look to the death that shall fall you! MUHAHAHAHAH!


I like how you think....*evil grin*

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A really good medieval Watchtower.

Would be fine in our medieval community town.

Now we have the medieval house contest and i have

no idea what and how to build it. Please transfer some of these

good ideas from you to me .

One thing... Could i rent you to clean the cooking pot ? :)

Good work, i inserted it next to the ancient tomb to guard the dead souls.

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Help us out with the medieval mod man; it's SDX, so if you want a custom block or texture, I add it. Think of the prefabbing possibilities!


...you want thatch? I've got you covered. You like a single block width arch? Already made. We scrapped all of the modern blocks and so have plenty of room for new ones, and I'm replacing the textures in the atlas as needed.


Take a break from the little ones, you know you wanna...


Hop on my discord (and wait to get enrolled) if you're interested in cranking out a few. =)


This is my plot so far:



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