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Project Slaanhatten


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On a separate note as I try and direct people here from my streams for comments and ideas-


I have a fairly stable set of streets and base cityblocks in the pack now, more variants are probably the main thing needed.

The sewer system measurements are pretty much established and Im working on finishing the 'base' set required to finish the system of, again variants will be the main thing that expand this.


So I'm at a crossroads now of what 'system' to tackle next - so basically a new themed set of prefabs designed to be placed in the world editor in the same style as the streets/sewers, with inter-connecting parts if required.  For those of you who've played current and especially previous versions (all the way back to A12) what should be the next thing I work on? and what do you miss the most?


Some personal misses-


The A12 cityblocks with the subway system - could be broken down to work along side a sewer system or replace it in certain areas.  We never had a way to put zombies down there back then and with the current state of prefabbing/world editing there's a lot of potential here for a fairly decent set.

Highway - I love it, it's clunky as hell and could use a re-visit, I'm keen to experiment a bit with nitrogen here too to see if I can work with the system they have for laying theirs down, could save a lot of time getting the first few big stretched pre-generated with your map. 

The Open Sewer - It was a big solid mess of concrete but worked well with the sewer system and is still something I'd like in there,  think the truck/motorbike chase from the Terminator 2 movie or even the similar area on GTA-V.  Probably handled with custom streets and done cityblock style would give the freedom to make it as big or small as you wanted.

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New download links on OP.


Fixed the bridges/highway sucking up terrain (don't worry they still collapse)

All new prefabs added

New Project Slaanhatten world included will be where the new style city will be built.  Base layout of the new streets and sewers included but it is very WIP atm.

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For highways maybe you could find a way to replace the 90 degree turns with curved pieces instead. I can take a look at your highways and see if I can help there.
I really like the open sewers so far. 
I think adding overpasses and a sort of raised highway that intersects the island in two or more places with on and off ramps would add a lot to the appearance of it being a dense city. Perhaps the highway could split off with one section going diagonally and the other going straight. Add some depth and realism.

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Project Downloads have been updated but i didnt actually post to let people know - how cool.


Now the Dev streams are over and we've had some time to try and digest what we've seen I've thrown together a video with the general direction I think i'll be going.  Will be interesting to see what types of content these now systems will allow us to create, never mind the vanilla experience which looks mind-blowing.  I think I've been waiting for this update since A13 😍



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3 hours ago, 4sheetzngeegles said:

Since Slanhattan is basically a tiled map layout, and now 7dtd is also a tiled layout, plus pc's have progressed, is there a possibility

of it being revived for 20 21; by replacing tiled locking points with slanhattan?

Last I spoke with slain slaanhatten 2.0 was in the works tho a mammoth project in itself 

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Is there something playable for A20 atm?


Sorry I've been gone for 5 years or something.

Haven't played since A16.4 and now put in about 500 hours into A20.

Pretty fun but I've exhausted all the big Mods and now wouldn't mind puttering around a player-made map.


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