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Modding Zombie Health


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Its possible, yes.


You have two options:


1. Lower difficulty. Lowering the difficulty lowers zombie health.


2. You can modify the zombie and animal health directly in the entityclasses.xml


Find lines that look like this:


<property name="MaxHealth" value="150" />


Lower the value down to whatever you want their health to be.

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Time for me to resurrect this topic out of frustration, we on the other hand think zombies are too weak so I want to increase their health, I changed maxhealth to DOUBLE of what they had previously but they still go down like candy.


So I've changed: DOUBLED zombie maxhp, DOUBLE critical damage on melee weapons, REDUCED 1/10 of the body shot damage from ALL weapons, melee and projectile based weapons, DOUBLED zombie damage to blocks. And as a cheeky tweak, I increased the cost of wood spikes from 20 -> 150 wood/piece. Also block durability set to 25%, let's hope it proves a challenge.

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