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Idea for give Airdrop


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I propose to make the airdrop not start playing automatically.

For airdrop to collect radio station (radio beacon) and set it to high ground (home, mountain, height). Lifeguards will determine the location of the radio beacon within 1-3 days (depending on the height and location of the weather), and in this area will begin to fly the airplane and do airdrop.


Radio Beacon can be transferred to another location.

Radio Beacon is to require power.

Radio Beacon can be found in the car.

Radio Beacon can be found in the factory.

Power consumption is minimal, but is.

The beacon can get lightning and destroy him, when there is rain.

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I love this idea, especially in single player where it always drops it 8 billion miles away so that I can never find it, even with a damn minibike at the ready. Besides, it is such a waste of resources to drop your supplies randomly.


Military Camps, and big city police stations should have all of the resources needed guarenteed. Radio equipment should be a simple pickup, and the tower beacon should need you to craft a tower, and then combine the tower and beacon to make a radio tower. Other possibilities for loot not guarenteed at the police station is a handcrank generator, or even a gas generator.


So you got "Radio Set", which needs the tools "Mic" "Speaker" and the book "Military Channels" (Book can be found at Mayorial building, Police Stations, Hospitals, and Military Camps). The book is not read, but a tool. Then for the tower you need to recover a radio tower beacon, and construct a radio tower to combine it with.


From here, you just need a clear spot to make the drop (Elevation not important, but the tower needs to be clear of interference, so needs no blocks above it, or within 15 blocks around its top.), lastly, you need a handcrank generator to run the radio, and a Car Battery or Gas Generator to run the tower (Maybe more power = Better chance of getting ahold of a more supplied military outpsot). Once connected, the radio operator will give you an ETA "We can make a drop in X day(s), be ready. Conserving power. Over."


The longer the beacon runs, the closer the plane drops. If it is destroyed immedietly after, it drops randomly as it normally does. For each % of time the tower is up, the plane drops that much closer to its location.

Shorter drop off times means less loot. If you do not give 3-7 days wait time (Randomly generated upon successful drop) you will receive "Cannot make drop, planes still helping others, be patient. Over."

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Smoke or Fire Signal


Another possebility would be smoke signals or a big fire pile... Maybe it has to burn or smoke over x hours and has to be maintained... While burning or smoking it could also attrackt or trigger a horde!

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In my experience the airdrop is commonly just outside of explored map area, which seems to say that it promotes exploration and expanding your map area. It might be somewhat more realistic to think that the airdrop would come near a signal fire, but zombies. If it requires a powered beacon that would make airdrops a late-game only occurrence.

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