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Use, bcm 2.4.0, coppis 3.6, ScriptingMod1.0, MultiblockMachines, and Alloc's


You might want to remove multiblockmachines, its not ready for a production server and has some issues in the version you have when placing a prefab that eats non air blocks :)

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linux machine

Servertools 5.9

Alloc fixes rev. 315 (14_17_23) (2018-01-31)

Scripting tools 1.0

Coppi's (version 3.6, sep 2017, i presume)

Undead Legacy mod (EAC enabled)


servertools config.xml

<Tool Name="SetHome" Enable="True" DelayBetweenSetHomeUses="60" />
<Tool Name="ReservedSlots" Enable="True" ReservedCheck="True" />


When issuing /sethome in chat :

2018-02-01T20:39:42 81.698 ERR [MODS] Error while executing ChatMessage on mod "Server Tools"
2018-02-01T20:39:42 81.698 EXC Object reference not set to an instance of an object
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
 at ServerTools.TeleportHome.SetHome (.ClientInfo _cInfo, System.String _playerName, Boolean _announce) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
 at ServerTools.ChatHook.Hook (.ClientInfo _cInfo, System.String _message, System.String _playerName, System.String _secondaryName, Boolean _localizeSecondary) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
 at ServerTools.API.ChatMessage (.ClientInfo _cInfo, EnumGameMessages _type, System.String _message, System.String _playerName, Boolean _localizeMain, System.String _secondaryName, Boolean _localizeSecondary) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
 at ModManager.ChatMessage (.ClientInfo _cInfo, EnumGameMessages _type, System.String _msg, System.String _mainName, Boolean _localizeMain, System.String _secondaryName, Boolean _localizeSecondary) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:Internal_LogException(Exception, Object)
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)
UnityEngine.Logger:LogException(Exception, Object)
ModManager:ChatMessage(ClientInfo, EnumGameMessages, String, String, Boolean, String, Boolean)
GameManager:GameMessageServer(ClientInfo, EnumGameMessages, String, String, Boolean, String, Boolean)
NetPackageGameMessage:ProcessPackage(World, INetConnectionCallbacks)
ConnectionManager:WF(INetConnection, NetPackageDirection)

(Filename:  Line: -1)


Command is visible in global chat by other players


Please, can anybody explain whats going on ?

And how to fix it :smile-new:

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in CustomChatCommands.xml :


<Command Command="name_here" Response="tele {EntityId} x z y" DelayBetweenUses="0" />


x y z - coordinates (for example: -1024 59 765 )


Elanio, Very helpful thanks, would you know a command that would allow the player to then issue a /return to take them back to the players last location they where before execution of your above example


Thanks, Ari

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Quick Self Help - Servertools Configuration and common errors


If your waiting for a forum response and need help fast, you can check things quicker in many occasions by the following


1. Go to the admin Map. Check the Log. Press CTRL and F >Search servertools or error, then for many examples found in this forum thread. It will show an error mentioning both line and position, Generally its either a spelling mistake or a symbol accidentally added or missing.


2. Alternatively if you haven't done a rendermap check your log output. Same Applies.


3. Copy the xml text whether its an error in servertools config or an associated xml you can modify like infoticker etc.


4. Use NotePad ++ paste the text in then go to the line and the column with your mouse. it will show you in the notepad ++ status bar where you've clicked anywhere on the doc.


From there you can instantly see the char, symbol, lack of symbol or or typo mistake that is preventing this part of the config to run.


Example screen -






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Need some help


I'm renting a dedicated server from pingperfect, and used their Mod Manager to install Server Tools, but I am having problems getting some of the tools to work properly.


After I installed Server Tools I got a "HowToSetup.xml" file, and I noticed that some of the command strings in that file are different from the corresponding command strings in the "servertoolsconfig.xml" file and the servertoolsphrases.xml file.


The tools I want to use are the MOTD, /sethome and /day7, the MOTD is working perfectly but not the others.


Here are how the strings look in the corresponding files (in original):


Howtosetup.xml: <Tool Name="Day7" Enable="False" Days_Until_Horde="7" />

servertoolsconfig.xml: no present in the file

servertoolsphrases: <Phrase id="301" Phrase="Next 7th day is in {DaysUntil7} days" />



howtosetup.xml: <Tool Name="Set_Home" Enable="False" Set_Home2_Enabled="False" Set_Home2_Donor_Only="False" Delay_Between_Home_Uses="60" />

servertoolsconfig.xml: <Tool Name="SetHome" Enable="False" DelayBetweenSetHomeUses="60" />

servertoolsphrases: <Phrase id="13" Phrase="{PlayerName} you can only use /home once every {DelayBetweenUses} minutes. Time remaining: {TimeRemaining} minutes." />


/sethome I managed to get working by copying the command string from the howtosetup file and replacing the one in the servertoolsconfig file, but I have not been able to change the cooldown timer, its stuck at 60 minutes.

/day7 keep returning the string parameter instead of the actuall number of days left, regardless of what string I try using.


The mods I have installed are (in the order they were installed and named as listed in the Mod Manager):

Alloc's server fixes (rev. 315)

Server Tools (Alpha 16+)

Simple UI v0.9-63-0-9


As far as I understand the problems are the varying parameters and wordings in the command strings, but I can not figure out what strings and parameter to use to get the tools working properly.


All help appreciated.

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Protection zones not working


i cant get protection zones working, i am running on windows.

can anyone tell me what to do, i go into top right corner and use map to get cords and done same again at the bottom left corner.


zoneprotection looks like this:




<zone name="safezone" corner1="1839,-10,483" corner2="1882,-10,522" entryMessage="You are now entering the Civitatem Vita" exitMessage="You are exiting the Civitatem Vita" />

<zone name="Market" corner1="-100,60,-90" corner2="-140,70,-110" entryMessage="You are now entering the Market" exitMessage="You are exiting the Market" />

<zone name="Lobby" corner1="0,100,0" corner2="25,105,25" entryMessage="You are now entering the Lobby" exitMessage="You are exiting the Lobby" />




its enabled and message is enabled in the ServerToolsConfig, can anyone please help.

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Coordinates are like corner1="W or E, Height from bottom(so - doesnt exist),N or S"


so its supposed to be:


1. <zone name="safezone" corner1="1839,0,483" corner2="1882,0,522" entryMessage="You are now entering the Civitatem Vita" exitMessage="You are exiting the Civitatem Vita" />


or is it


2. <zone name="safezone" corner1="1839,483" corner2="1882,522" entryMessage="You are now entering the Civitatem Vita" exitMessage="You are exiting the Civitatem Vita" />


don't quite understand fully what you mean.


thanks for your help.

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Hey guys. We're using server tools and it is awesome.


I'm trying to mark our PVE are.. It would be awesome to have kind of notification when you enter or leave the PVE area. I saw you zone protection option that also has fun settings that would be cool to use.


I tryed to mark a bigger area with zone protection but it won't work.


Would it be possible to ad kind of area mark for PVE? We wanna have the half of the map ( inner circle) just PVE and the outer circle with PVP.


Greetings Malivia gaming

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Removing player value on logout


Hi! I'm modifying the servertools source and have added a value to the player class. I want to set that value to zero when the player logs out. Is there a mechanism in servertools that would enable me to do that?




** Never mind, I found PlayerDisconnected

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found the answer myself (see edit history)
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Has anyone got the /auction feature working with this mod?


I've placed a single stack inside a secure chest I own and typed the /auction sell command, however i keep getting a notice saying the sell failed because it couldnt find a stack within a secure chest i own and that i should make sure im standing very close to the chest.


I stand on top of the damn thing and still get the same error... It seems like its not detecting a chest at all...


Is it just me or has someone else also experienced this error?

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