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A collection of tools that I use for my dedicated server to get away from telnet.

All Configs can be edited without restarting the server to take effect!


Thanks to Alloc for taking the time to answer my questions and for the examples he provided in his mod.


Here is a link to the download.

Server Tools


Current Features


Custom chat commands with custom color. Add your own commands via config. All commands are added to the chat commands /commands /info /help automatically. All chat commands can use "!" or "/". If "/gimme" is used it returns a private message to the player. If "!gimme" is used it returns a message to the entire server.


/day7 to show server information such as zombie count, fps, animal count


/bloodmoon to show when the next 7th day is


/Gimme with adjustable timer and items via config.


/Killme with adjustable timer via config.


/home /sethome /delhome with adjustable timer for /home via config.


High ping kicker with ping immunity. Can add players to the immunity list via config or console command. Can also set it so that it takes samples before a kick occurs. If you set SamplesNeeded to 2 in the config, a player would have to have a high ping for 2 checks before the player is kicked.


Ban or kick players for invalid items/blocks in their inventory such as reinforced concrete blocks. Select what items/blocks are invalid via config. (my personal favorite. have auto banned so many cheaters from this one lol)


Alert players of Invalid Item stack numbers in their inventory.


Chat logger. Saves all ingame chat to a log file in the game save directory.


Bad word filter. Replaces bad words with "*****". Can add bad words via config.


Motd adjustable via config.


InfoTicker/Scrolling messages adjustable via config.


Auto save the world every x amount of minutes adjustable via config.


Reserved slots Will kick the player with the least amount of crafted items. If two or more players have the same amount of crafted items it will kick the person with the lowest walking distance.


Watchlist You can add suspect players to this list and when they join the server it will alert any online admins that they are online.


A jail system to jail players and keep them there until released.


New spawn tele system (possible for new spawns to be auto teled to a point on the map). With the new player spawn if you enable then go in game and type /setspawn, then when a new player joins they will auto tele to that point. The new player must be level 1 and have no crafed items and the tele position must not be 0,0,0.


All chat responses can be edited via config.


Admin chat commands @admins @all /mute /unmute. @admins <message> will send a message to all admins and only admins can use this command. @all <message> is just like a say command. /mute <playerName> will keep said player from posting in the chat. /unmute <playerName> will allow the player to post in the chat again.


Clan Tag Protection. Only the person that created the clan can delete the clan and promote/demote members to/from officers. Only clan owners and officers can invite and remove members.

to make a clan type /clanadd <clanTag>

to delete a clan type /clandel

to add members type /claninvite <playerName>

to remove a member type /clanremove <playerName>

to promote a member to officer type /clanpromote <playerName>

to demote a member from officer to member type /clandemote <playerName>

to accept a clan invite type /clanaccept

to decline a clan invite type /clandecline

to leave a clan type /clanleave


Chat commands /pm or /w for players to pm other players.

Usage: /w <playername> <message> or /pm <playername> <message>


Admin name coloring and prefixes


Console command to stop the game server. Usage: stopserver <minutes>


Console command to remove a entity. Usage: entityremove <entityId>


Console command to reset a players profile. Usage: rp <steamId> or resetplayer <steamId>



Download and extract the files.

Copy the Mods folder to the root directory of your sever.

Start the server. The mod will auto create the config file in the game save directory. Enable each part of the mod you want via ..\your game save directory\ServerTools\ServerToolsConfig.xml

Once a module is enabled if it has a config it will auto create them in the ServerTools folder in the game save directory.


Examples for console Commands



Examples for console command entityremove:

Usage: entityremove <entityId>

entityremove 123456

er 123456


Examples for console command maxping:

Usage: maxping <ping>

maxping 300


Examples for console command PingImmunity:

Usage: pingimmunity add <steamID> <player name>

pingimmunity add 12345678912345678 "foo bar"

pi add 12345678912345678 "foo bar"


Usage: pingimmunity remove <steamID>

pingimmunity remove 12345678912345678

pi remove 12345678912345678


Usage: pingimmunity list

pingimmunity list

pi list


Examples for console command ReservedSlot:

Usage: reservedslot add <steamID> <playerName> <days to expire>

reservedslot add 12345678912345678 "Foo bar" 30

rs add 12345678912345678 "Foo bar" 30


Usage: reservedslot remove <steamID>

reservedslot remove 12345678912345678

rs remove 12345678912345678


Usage: reservedslot list

reservedslot list

rs list


Examples for console command ResetPlayer:

Usage: resetplayer <steamId>

resetplayer 12345678912345678

rp 12345678912345678


Examples for console command StopServer:

Usage: stopserver <minutes>

stopserver 10


Examples for console command Watchlist:

Usage: watchlist add <steamID> <reason>

watchlist add 12345678912345678 "possible cheating"

wl add 12345678912345678 "possible cheating"


Usage: watchlist remove <steamID>

watchlist remove 12345678912345678

wl remove 12345678912345678


Usage: watchlist list

watchlist list

wl list





****CHANGE LOG****


Fixed a NullReferenceException with NewSpawnTele



Added a jail system

Added console command mute (see ConsoleCommandExamples.txt for usage)

Added chat command /bloodmoon (only shows how many more days until bloodmoon) can also set it to auto show every x amount of mins with AutoShowBloodmoonDelay to disable set to 0

Added New spawn tele system (possible for new spawns to be auto teled to a point on the map)

Added a additional option for a gimme item to show a custom name in the chat (GimmeItems.xml will auto update to the new version when the server is started)

Moved mute data to Persistent data

Removed PermissionLevelForMute from ServerToolsConfig.xml, will now need to set the permission level in the serveradmin.xml (example: <permission cmd="mute" permission_level="0" />)

Fixed an error that would happen if a player removed a clan

Motd now displays every time a player spawns not just on join

NOTE: you will need to delete servertools.bin or errors will appear in the log

Edited by dmustanger
Updated to v4.1 (see edit history)
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I am not a big fan of having to use tools such as FrontRunner Server Manager so I look for mods that do it for us. A few features that I would like to request. I'm not sure how hard it would be implement or even if you would be interested but it's worth a shot.


1. Web face interaction - Chat Logger

- A simple, basic, web based interface that will display the Chat that's being logged and (MAYBE) an option for people to interact via chat from that same page. Make it so the code of the page is easily adaptable to other templates to be used with current site designs. Almost like an RSS Feed(?).


2. Teleport

- The ability for Admins to use /teleport <NAME> <LOCATION> (!teleport)

(I.E. !teleport Kage dmustanger (This would teleport me to your current location without the need for coords)


3. Keystone (or landclaim) (Removal)

- The option to do the following with both / and !

Keystone View - Show the owner of a Keystone and how many they have placed.

Keystone <NAME> <REMOVE> <ALL / CURRENT> - Ability to remove ALL of said Gamers current Keystones or just one that you are currently looking at.



!keystone view

- While looking at a Keystone and typing in the above command it would list like so: Keystone - Kage (12 Keystones)


!keystone remove Kage <CURRENT/ALL>

- All Keystone for <NAME> have been removed (or) Current Keystone for <NAME> has been removed.



I could go on forever but I think that's good for right now. Thanks for reading/considering any of the above features.

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1. I plan to add a web interface to interact with chat. Not sure if the RSS part can be done or not but can look into it.


2. Is already possible with console commands if you have allocs server fixes installed. If you are just looking for chat commands to do it with pretty sure I can make that happen.


3 this is possible with console commands. I don't remember if it is part of the game or allocs fixes with out looking. But same as before if you are just looking for the chat commands pretty sure I can do that also.

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I fixed the motd not loading. New version is on the first post. It works as it should now. Sorry about that.


****CHANGE LOG****


Fixed Motd not loading

Fixed items not loading if the mod was not enabled at server start

Fixed updating saved phrases

Removed my admin hammer from the default invalid items list lol


- - - Updated - - -


Possible to enhance InfoTicker for DualLanguage ?

ATM my TickerScript posts a message in German & English at one time. (2 separate say commands)


I can probaly make something to get this to work that way however it wont be till this weekend.

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VERY nice mod! 1 Million Thank You's!!! Now I can turn off FRT and my poor PC at night. :tongue-new:



Would it be at all possible to get a version that has the ability to set DelayBetweenSetHomeUses to 0?



This would be great since teleporting/chunk loading is currently delayed causing players to fall through the world after using the command. A solution we use to battle the problem is to have the players build a safe fall from near the build height limit(BHL) to bedrock. A wood frame tower is used to get near the BHL (around 230y), perform the /sethome command, and then remove the frames. This will usually drop the player long enough while the chunks are loading and then safely land on some hay at bedrock. If the chunks still don't load in time, you'll fall through the world anyway. Not to mention building a 3x3 shaft to bedrock is time consuming. The second way to fix it is to logout and back in. If there was 0 delay in using /home, the players would only have to wait a few seconds then hit /home again after the chunks finally load.

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Hello, I just installed this on our server yesterday, and re-looked at the config files and everything several times.. I have the MOTD and Messages turned to "true" but they are not popping up, instead, I am just getting a blank "Server: " message.


Also, the /gimme is not functioning for us.. I have it turned on as well.. (set to "True")



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Have all the errors that I could find fixed. Please report back if you have any problems with this version before I start adding more features to it.


Updated the first post.


****CHANGE LOG****


Fixed Infoticker sending messages when there were none saved

Fixed /home not observing DelayBetweenSetHomeUses time

Fixed /home /gimme /killme error "key already present in dictionary" if DelayBetweenUses was set to 0

Fixed parts of the mod loading more then once

Fixed could not use /gimme /killme more then once if DelayBetweenUses was set to 0

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ah okay..

[MODS] Start loading


2015-09-23T21:34:12 1.396 INF [MODS] Trying to load from ServerTools


2015-09-23T21:34:12 1.421 WRN [MODS] Not loading DLL, only supported on the dedicated server build


2015-09-23T21:34:12 1.422 INF [MODS] Loaded Mod: Server Tools (1.4)


2015-09-23T21:34:12 1.423 INF [MODS] Loading done


but I have a dedicated server loaded via zap-hosting.com . also on the PC it does not work when I asked to start using it .. i have not yet tried on steamcmd .

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