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Winterween A21


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Recommended: 12G of RAM or higher.

Recommended: Default difficulty.

Required: Alpha 21.2
Welcome to the Winterween Project by sphereii and xyth, the unholy combination of Winter Project and the ancient Valoween!


Steel your nerves. Steady your hands. Keep your wits about you, and you just may survive Winterween...


We invite you to once more explore a special sphereii-mental release, and challenge yourself to unlock its secrets.
Thank you to the following Modlet creators who helped shape out the world with their modlets:

ocbMaurice for his Crooked Decoration, and quests
AuroraGiggleFairy for the HUD mods

Big kudos to Alter for the Snow Falling and Accumulation work.


Special thanks goes to Mumpfy for his texturing work.


Available on the Mod Launcher, and Direct Download HERE

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