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The lockable slots of A21.2 (b30) and beyond.


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I've been playing A21.2 (b30) and I love that lockable slots are in by default, but it's hard to go back from the lockable slots that Wookie has in his Winchester Mod. 


I like to have a row at the bottom of my inventory for certain things (stuff that I want to sell) and rows at the top for other things (ammo, healing, food, etc) that I only want to move manually. 


The ability to lock slots in a nonlinear fashion is pretty helpful in speeding up inventory/storage management. 


It would be great to have nonlinear/nonsequential slot locking like Wookie has in the Winchester Mod.

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I'll second this.  For my personal inventory, this works fine.  But if they implement it for vehicles and drones, I place my stuff I want to leave in those at the end.  I could adapt but having the ability to mark any slot as locked would be preferred.  Of course, I would also really like this to work for vehicles and drones. Perhaps even all containers, though that would be low priority for me.

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